If the Founding Founders were here today …

… methinks they would be inclined to demand a paternity test. Or maternity test. Or DNA test. Whatever.

2013_06 13 Founding Founders page screenshot

The White House posted a new website containing papers of the “founding founders” @ http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/06/13/papers-founding-founders-are-now-online

The title on the page itself has been corrected to read “Founding Fathers”, but last I checked, the URL was still as above.

And, in case you thought it was just a typo, think again. President Obama used the phrase in a speech he gave June 7, 2010, at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C.

“… the spirit of our Founding Founders did more than just create a nation …”


Tweeters had fun!

  • Must. Not. Credit. Patriarchy.
  • For the Founding Founders, necessity was the inventor of invention.
  • Obama is the Floundering Father.
  • ‏The Founding Founders wrote the Constitution after the Revolutionary Kinetic Military Action.
  • I don’t get the sense that Martha Washington, Dolly Madison, Abigail Adams et al would be offended by the phrase “Founding Fathers.”
  • Glad Obama found the papers of the Founding Founders that details all their foundering.
  • Founding Persons? Founding Parents? Founding Partners?
  • You can’t use Parents. That would be insensitive to childless couples.
  • Plain ol’ “Founders” would’ve worked fine, you dumbasses. Sheesh.
  • The WH changed it to Fathers. NSA prolly told ’em they were being mocked on Twitter.
  • These people are losing their minds.
  • They didn’t have minds to lose.
  • I feel they cannot get stupider. But I could be wrong.
  • Next they will photoshop womyn into the paintings and womyn’s names into the Declaration.
  • Yes. That will come at the same time they delete all references to the Almighty from every historical document.



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