The real problem with moral relativism

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There are two ways to ruin a game. The first is to add too many rules; the second is to eliminate all of them.

If a man were to sit me down for a one-legged, blindfolded game of chess in which pieces could only be moved according to the Fibonacci sequence, and the sides were switched every 17 moves, I might play a few moves before proposing we watch cat videos instead.

Worse though, would be if a man were to sit me down at a chessboard and say, “Let’s you and I do whatever we like. What’s right for you isn’t necessarily right for me.” I think I’d run straight to cat videos, no hesitation.

The most limiting cage in existence is woven by the lack of limitations, and it seems a rather obvious fact that the eradication of rules can only lead to the eradication of the game itself.

Excerpt from “The Only Rule Christians Must Obey.” Read the rest @

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