That flushing sound you hear is America going down the drain

2013_06 CA forcing girls to let boys in toilet-shower



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Good comments at Twitchy about OTC Plan B:

    “Those under 26 are “kids” for purposes of staying on their parent’s insurance and are too delicate to be exposed to seeing anyone anywhere on school grounds potentially saying a prayer, but when it comes to unfettered access to contraceptions for 9-year-olds without their parent’s consent, have-at-it.”

    “Now they can focus on the real menaces to children: toy guns and 20 oz sodas.”

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  2. Five years ago today on my personal blog…

    Is Obama’s “Birth Certificate” a Fraud?
    Posted on June 12, 2008

    And where are we today?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks, Red. That is a very interesting interview! I agree with all of their conclusions about the world-wide conspiracy and what it would/will take to get Congress to even LOOK at the evidence. But I still think Obama is Ann Dunham’s child and that his baby daddy was some boy in the back seat of a car in Seattle.

      If Congress pries into this hard enough, that will come out and Obama’s supporters will say, “So what?! Poor pregnant teen with no access to abortion! Waah Waaah. But guess what? His daddy was an American so who the hell cares about felonious forgeries. Teh Won is President and we don’t KNOW he knew a thing about this! So poo on you stupid tinfoil hat right wingnuts.” And the press will go along. (Never mind how absurd it all is that, if the Lefties had their way, Barack Hussein would’ve been sucked out of Ann’s womb back in the spring of 1960.)

      Anyway, here’s how I see the evolution of the fake birth certificate. Jack Cashill makes a really good case that Dreams, almost certainly written by Bill Ayers, makes no sense if you presume Barack Obama was headed for national politics. However, it makes perfect sense if you see his biggest aspiration having been the mayoralty of Chicago. I think that point puts the kibosh on any long-term Manchurian candidate plot.

      Besides which, if he were some kind of long-standing sleeper agent, they would have provided him with good documents! The fact he doesn’t have good documents adds credence to my theory, which is that once Dreams put that Big Lie about the African Daddy and the Kansas Mommy out there, they were stuck with it. For Chicago, it mattered not one bit that he’d used multiple names, supposedly had a Kenyan/British father, been adopted and abandoned by an Indonesian citizen, practiced multiple religions. All that matters in Chicago is that you are brown and have the right people behind you. People like Michelle Obama’s political family and Jeremiah Wright and his congregation.

      BUT then the way opened up for him to get into the U.S. Senate … and I think Biden nailed this one with his “clean, articulate” comment … biracial, handsome and charming enough to woo the guilty white liberals who would’ve backed Hillary if they had to, but who were thrilled to death to get handed a BLACK candidate who looked good in a suit, had a “before anti-war was cool” anti-war record and a powerful Chicago machine behind him. I think both his closet homosexual ties, admission to having used dope and coke, and his Muslim background probably helped him in other circles. Cuz face it … his coalition is made up of people who can’t stand each other, but he and his mostly empty suit were such a good fit all around.

      The only problem was … his faked up birth story had no documentary basis that would pass muster for a presidential candidate. So they bribed and threatened and made stuff up. And now that he’s been in office for so long and proven that the media will back his play no matter what and his kool-aid followers will listen to NO criticism of him or his bitchy wife, even from their own side (Code Pink got lambasted last week for SUGGESTING she hadn’t handled a heckler very well) … nobody who doesn’t already hate him is going to give a toot that his birth story was a lie created in 1961 by his white grandparents, their minor daughter and a black African guy in danger of losing his green card.

      If I didn’t believe in a totally just God, I’d be really depressed about all this. Fortunately, I believe in Heaven, Hell and the imminence of the Rapture.


      • Your analysis of the situation has a lot to recommend it; if accurate, it explains a lot of stuff that is otherwise pretty much inexplicable. It just boggles the mind to think of how much chicanery this gang has gotten away with.