The year Jesus died

Star of Bethlehem DVD

You know how God loves THREEs? Check this out!

In The Star of Bethlehem DVD, Fred Larson explains how computer-generated star maps show that Jesus was born in mid-June of 2 BC, which put His birth date on the Hebrew calendar in Sivan, 3759. Sivan is the THIRD month.

A long-standing tradition has it that He was 33 years old when He died. On the DVD, Larson explains how we can be certain that His death date was April 3, 33 AD, aka, Nisan 14, 3793.

33 AD Roman-Hebrew calendars

Jesus would’ve calculated His age by the Hebrew calendar. Although 3793 – 3759 = 34, Nisan is two months ahead of Sivan, so at the time of his death, Jesus would have still been 33, exactly what the tradition has always said He was.

To calculate this in the common calendar, you add the AD (33) to the BC (2), then subtract one, because there was no year zero. The last day of 1 BC was followed by the first day of 1 AD. So 33 + 2 – 1 = 34, the same as the Hebrew dates show. And, again, because April is ahead of June, He was still 33.


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