MSNBC: Not a real news source

Once again, Chris Matthews has demonstrated his complete lack of functioning brain matter by declaring, “We don’t have any African-Americans in the United States Senate.”

Actually, we have two: Republican Senator Timothy Scott and Democrat Senator William Cowan.

2013 - two black US Senators Scott and Cowan

It is true that both were appointed to fill vacant seats, not elected, but Matthews doesn’t make the distinction.

And it’s not like they were appointed last week, so maybe he missed the news. Oh wait. He is a newscaster. And he specializes in national politics. So even if they were appointed last week, he should be right on top of it.

So can anyone explain to me how he did NOT know that two blacks have been sitting in the U.S. Senate since January and February, respectively?

Besides the obvious fact that Obama Worship turns a person’s brain to soup, I mean.

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