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Common Sense TV

Best line: “Maybe people are opposed to Obamacare because it’s no damn good.” LOL!!

Have you noticed how it’s only OBAMA’s supporters who are obsessed with his SKIN color? Dontcha think if he had done anything GOOD during his years in office, they’d be talking about THAT stuff, not harping on how much melanin he has?  It’s because he’s been such a total EPIC FAILURE that they have to keep playing that raggedy old RAAAAACISM card.


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Obama said JOBS would be Job One

If we had the same Employment-Population ratio now as we had in December 2006 (after 12 continuous years of the Republicans holding 2+ of the House, Senate, and Presidency), well over 11.7 Million more people would be employed right now!

2013_05 Employment in America - GOP vs DEM


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MSNBC: Not a real news source

Once again, Chris Matthews has demonstrated his complete lack of functioning brain matter by declaring, “We don’t have any African-Americans in the United States Senate.”

Actually, we have two: Republican Senator Timothy Scott and Democrat Senator William Cowan.

2013 - two black US Senators Scott and Cowan

It is true that both were appointed to fill vacant seats, not elected, but Matthews doesn’t make the distinction.

And it’s not like they were appointed last week, so maybe he missed the news. Oh wait. He is a newscaster. And he specializes in national politics. So even if they were appointed last week, he should be right on top of it.

So can anyone explain to me how he did NOT know that two blacks have been sitting in the U.S. Senate since January and February, respectively?

Besides the obvious fact that Obama Worship turns a person’s brain to soup, I mean.

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The year Jesus died

Star of Bethlehem DVD

You know how God loves THREEs? Check this out!

In The Star of Bethlehem DVD, Fred Larson explains how computer-generated star maps show that Jesus was born in mid-June of 2 BC, which put His birth date on the Hebrew calendar in Sivan, 3759. Sivan is the THIRD month.

A long-standing tradition has it that He was 33 years old when He died. On the DVD, Larson explains how we can be certain that His death date was April 3, 33 AD, aka, Nisan 14, 3793.

33 AD Roman-Hebrew calendars

Jesus would’ve calculated His age by the Hebrew calendar. Although 3793 – 3759 = 34, Nisan is two months ahead of Sivan, so at the time of his death, Jesus would have still been 33, exactly what the tradition has always said He was.

To calculate this in the common calendar, you add the AD (33) to the BC (2), then subtract one, because there was no year zero. The last day of 1 BC was followed by the first day of 1 AD. So 33 + 2 – 1 = 34, the same as the Hebrew dates show. And, again, because April is ahead of June, He was still 33.


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The year Jesus was born

Star of Bethlehem DVD

In The Star of Bethlehem DVD, Fred Larson explains how computer-generated star maps show that Jesus was born in June of 2 BC. This was Sivan of the Hebrew year 3759. Sivan is the THIRD month; you know how God loves THREEs.

  • The Hebrew month count begins with Nissan.
  • The Hebrew year count begins with Tishri.
  1. Nissan <- Passover, Firstfruits
  2. Iyar
  3. Sivan <- Jesus’ birth
  4. Tamuz
  5. Av <- Baby Jesus presented at Temple
  6. Elul
  7. Tishri <- New Year, Yom Kippur, Sukkot
  8. Cheshvan
  9. Kislev
  10. Tevet <- Magi visit Child Jesus
  11. Shevat
  12. Adar (In leap years, there are two Adars)

2 BC Roman-Hebrew calendars

Larson’s DVD doesn’t show precisely what day Jesus was born, but it appears to me to have been around June 17, 2 BC, aka, Sivan 15, 3759.

According to Leviticus 12, when a Jewish woman gave birth to a boy, she remained ritually unclean for a period of 40 days, after which she would undergo ritual purification and then go to the Temple to offer a sacrifice. According to Luke 2, Mary and Joseph fulfilled these obligations, so I marked off that period in purple.

In the DVD, Larson explains how star maps show that the Magi visited the child Jesus and presented their gifts to Him on December 25, 2 BC. How cool is that!

Jesus’ birthday wasn’t even celebrated in the early church. And it wasn’t set on December 25 until the fourth century which, as I understand it, was done mostly to give pagan converts a holiday to celebrate in place of (and so they wouldn’t go sneaking off to) their old Winter Solstice bacchanals.

I know that we always picture the Kings visiting Jesus as a newborn in a stable, but the Scriptures say they visited Mary and the CHILD Jesus in a HOUSE, so there’s nothing there to make it wrong to suggest He was 6 months old when they dropped in. It also helps explain why Herod told his soldiers to slaughter not just infants, but also toddlers.

I think it was totally cool of God to have the Kings show up with their presents on the day that would become Christmas, even though nobody would figure it out until some lawyer geek with an astronomy software package and a speedy little laptop computer would get all obsessed with the Star of Bethlehem!


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