Oh snap!

In September of 2011, Stephanie Cutter became Obama’s deputy campaign manager. During the 2012 campaign, she served as Obama’s attack dog. You may have seen some of the many YouTube videos she made to slander Romney, the Tea Party and other Republican candidates.

During this key period of “get Obama re-elected” time, the now-former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House a record-breaking number of times.

Allegedly, the purpose of all this hob-nobbing at the White House was the “non-political” implementation of the “It’s not a Tax, oh wait, yes it is” regulation of everyone’s health insurance plans via the oh-so-reasonable and people-friendly Internal Revenue Service.

(That would be the agency wherein Americans are guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent and sometimes not even then.)

Except … oh snap … Stephanie Cutter was at these allegedly “non-political” meetings.

Smoking Gun - Cutter at IRS WH meets



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