Megyn Kelly goes weasel hunting

McDermott blamed the victims of IRS targeting and used terms like “circus” and “political theater” about Republicans objecting to the IRS doing the dirty for Obama.

According to him, “The real question is how to fix it.” You have to DIAGNOSE the CAUSE first, dontchathink?

Here’s my question: “Who ordered this and why did the IRS agents cooperate?”

Gleanings from Twitchy:

  • Boy, did he sound stupid. ‘FIRST I said that what happened to them was wrong, THEN I said it was their own damn fault ! Focus on what I said FIRST, not the fact that I blamed them for it.’
  • Just like Hillary – “What difference does it make now?” The libs want to do whatever they want and not take any responsibility if they are caught.
  • There are only 68 declared members of the Progressive caucus in the House they are all Democrats and 1 declared Progressive in the Senate (Bernie Sanders Vermont self described Socialist). They are the minority of the Democrat party but they control the leadership. They are why all of these scandals have taken place. They are who the President of the U.S. has referred to as the “professional left”.
  • I’m getting tired of hearing the word “targeted”. The IRS did a little bit better than “target”. They HIT over and over.
  • I thought we couldn’t use the word targeted after the Giffords shooting?


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