Tea Party bashing IRS head’s wife is Leftie activist

Remember when Fancy Nancy tried to blame Bush for the IRS scandal, cuz IRS head Doug Shulman had been appointed by Bush?

I mentioned earlier that Shulman is a Democrat who had donated to Democrats when Bush ran for re-election, so imagine my surprise (not) to learn that his wife, Susan L. Anderson, is not just a Democrat, but a flaming left-wing activist.

Keep in mind that:

NO left-wing nonprofits were investigated by the IRS, only right-wing. In fact, leftie groups got their nonprofit status rushed through with five-star service. In some cases, they were even given retroactive status to help with past tax issues.

IRS chief Shulman has visited the White House 157 times. His predecessor, under Bush, visited once. But I’m so sure we should totes believe him when he says nothing nefarious was going on during all his numerous schmoozy pow-wows. Cuz like, he’s a liberal and they never lie. Right?

And I’m so sure it means NUTHINK that IRS guys WIFE is the senior program advisor for the Washington-based nonprofit organization Public Campaign, which is funded by the Ford Foundation, Common Cause Education Fund, The Streisand Foundation, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, and Move On, which is funded by George Soros. Oh, and their office is on the same floor as Common Cause and the Center for Progressive Leadership. But you know … no biggie, right?

And really … just cuz she hangs out at and encourages others to come participate in Occupy protests …

2011_12 06 IRS head's wife pimping for Occupy

… and the Obama campaign organization, Obama for America

2012_11 04 IRS head's wife worked for OFA

… and talked smack about Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, the group whose confidential documents were leaked by the IRS to the left-wing group ProPublica.

2012_11 09 IRS head's wife smacks Rove

… nothing to see here, folks! There’s no evidence that Anderson improperly influenced her husband, Shulman, who was a George W. Bush appointee. So CLEARLY, if the IRS did something bad, it was Bush’s Fault.

NEVER MIND that IRS guy’s wife, Susan L. Anderson, was a PROLIFIC tweeter up until May 12, 2013 ….. when ….. ummm … what was it happened around then?

Didja catch her twitter handle … @slandersonwdc. SLANDER? Really? What a shock. Not.



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3 responses to “Tea Party bashing IRS head’s wife is Leftie activist

  1. Gee, I had to go get my surprised face out of the closet for this one!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Tweet – The fact that @DavidPlouffe is attacking @DarrellIssa so hard is strong circumstantial evidence that Obama personally ordered IRS targeting.