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The real War on Women

4 out of 5 rapists agree on gun control; an unarmed victim is the best kind.

Being a proponent of gun rights is pro-woman.

  • The FBI says that 10% of the 2,100,000 cases where firearms are used in defense annually are women defending from abuse, rape, etc.

2013_05 31 War on Women

But it’s conservatives waging a War on Women? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Scratch a progressive and you will find a sexist.

2013_01 30 Progressive sexist

2013_02 18 Joe Salazar

Does anyone have Clue #1 how Leftists justify being Pro-Choice about women deciding when and if to bear children, but Anti-Choice about women deciding when and if to bear arms? And aren’t they in favor of women in combat? So what’s with the “women are too dumb and emotional to be trusted with firearms” thing?

Best comment at Twitchy: I’m in law enforcement, mother is carrying, wife is carrying. Ladies it’s common sense, Get trained so you will be confident when that time comes to use it. I’m not worried about soccer mom shooting at me. I question the motives of any man who tries to steer any women (that is sane and can lawfully obtain a firearms) away from carrying.


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We are so screwed

Two kinds of leaders

  • #QuestionsFromLowInfoVoters – Obama’s black, you’re black… why didn’t you vote for him?
  • Just wondering … given above … why is it only “racism” when a white votes for a white?

TRUE: Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, then suspended 10 days.


  • Who is worse potential threat to America … a 5 year old with a cap gun or a principle who terrorizes 5 year olds?
  • My kids’ elementary school banned the game of tag. I am not making this up.

TRUE: May 31, 2013 Bill Killian, the US Attorney for the Eastern district of Tennessee, is concerned that we all know that posting anti-Muslim stuff on the internet may be a federal crime.


  • Apparently the First Amendment only applies to some of us.

TRUE: California To Force Boy Scouts of America Into Being A Sexual Organization


What … you’re surprised? Please.

2013_05 Real insurance notice

Daniel 9:13-14 We did not appease the LORD, our God, by turning back from our wickedness and acting according to your truth, so the LORD kept watch over the evil and brought it upon us. The LORD, our God, is just in all that he has done: we did not listen to his voice.

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The Moses of our time?

After MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson uttered this dumber than dumb remark —

“Attorney General Eric Holder is the chief law giver of the United States so to speak. He’s the Moses of our time and at least for this administration.”

— Twitter hilarity naturally ensued.

  • How embarrassing, thank goodness it was on MSNBC so no one heard it.
  • Holder: “People of the United States, I bring to you these 10 – *crash* – I mean, 5! 5 amendments in the Bill of Rights!”

Moses – Ten Commandments – Mel Brooks

  • I just found out Michael Eric Dyson’s doctorate is in RELIGION. Where is there a vice for my head?
  • There’s no fool like an ‘educated’ fool.
  • Moses of our time? Eric Holder is barely the Eric Holder of our time.
  • They share at least one thing in common: “And Moses said unto the LORD, I am slow of speech.”
  • Eric Holder killed an Egyptian?
  • At least Moses didn’t blame the bush.
  • Moses performed miracles with his staff. Holder made the constitution disappear with his.
  • Moses: Met with God on Mt. Sinai. Holder: Met with guy with God Complex in Oval Office.
  • Moses led his people out of Egypt. Holder turned his country into Venezuela.
  • Eric Holder brought forth the tablets containing the Ten Suggestions.
  • Let’s see Holder part Washington’s sea of red ink.
  • I’m still waiting for him to part the Potomac.
  • Moses’ meeting with God on the mountain top was “on the record.”
  • Moses’ people got lost in the desert. So did Holder’s guns.
  • At what point does Eric Holder simply tell reporters “kneel before Zod.”
    • Or Obama. Oh wait … maybe he already does that.
  • These libs are embarrassing themselves with the way they worship the morons in charge. With Chris Matthews getting a tingle up his leg any time Obama opens his mouth, and now this Dyson moron considering Holder the Moses of our time, the libs continue to show that they truly are the stain on our country.
    • Like a stain on a blue dress.
      • mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!

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Posted by Pistol Pete


It looked a little grim,but I think I found enough non-depressing (for the most part) news for the normal Friday sendoff for the weekend.

I gave a lot of thought to what it would take for the Acolytes to turn away from their man-child.

Abnormal sex acts involving a live chicken,a gallon of hot sauce and a trampoline?Nah…just gettin’ his freak on.

Snorting 2 grams of PCP and skipping naked down Pennsylvania Ave, shouting,”I can fly,I can fly!”…nope

Announcing he was resigning the presidency to join a monastery?They know he couldn’t handle the vow of silence…or poverty.

The only sure way I know of would be if he announced he was converted to a pro-life position,he would insist on drug tests before anyboby got a welfare check and he planned to build more refineries and open Alaska and both coasts to oil exploration.Women on welfare would be sterilized after their third child.Put incentives in place for couples to marry…like stay together for a year,get a check for $1,000.Cut corporate tax and declare an amnesty to bring money invested overseas back home.Close the border and arrest intruders and imprison them.

IOW,announce the House Negro is leaving the plantation.Thats about the only way I could see it happening.

Then I wake up and realize I’m still in Kansas.

















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