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Another sign in the sky

One of my Facebook friends posted this photo, taken at sunset last night, Trinity Sunday. She labeled it a smiley face, which at first glance it does seem to be. But when I blew it up, I saw something quite different and even eerie … one eye looks heart-shaped, the other appears to have a tear by it and the mouth is more sad that happy. I did not alter the image in any way; I just cropped it to blow up the face.

2013_05 26 God in the clouds, Islamorado, FL


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The Harbinger

This past week, I’ve been reading The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future by Jonathan Cahn.

Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning. Cahn explains each of them and shows how the SAME nine harbingers are now manifesting in America, beginning with the 9/11 attacks.

This Glenn Beck video covers the basics, but the argument in the book is really detailed and builds layer by layer with lots of interesting stuff about Old Testament Israel and American history. If you’re intrigued by the ideas, I suggest you read the book. It’s way too complex and detailed to boil down into 25-words or even a 21 minute Glenn Beck interview.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (Harbinger) & Glenn Beck [21:55]

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Signs in the sky

Star of Bethlehem DVD

One of my all-time favorite DVDs, The Star of Bethlehem, presents an incredibly compelling and spiritually beautiful explanation for the sky events that led the Magi to take gifts to Bethlehem. I was so moved by it that I got it for everyone on my Christmas gift list and have lost track of the number of times I’ve watched it.

One question it answers is this: Is it okay for Christians to watch the stars?

Yes and no. The Bible clearly forbids divination, but it also says the skies carry signs from the Almighty, as it did when the stars guided the Magi to Bethlehem. Therefore, astrology, which holds that celestial bodies exert force on human behavior, and studying horoscopes for the purpose of making life decisions is definitely forbidden. However, noticing major sky signs and pondering their significance in God’s big plan is permitted.

If you’ve been following my Bible blogs, you’ll know I believe it is likely the Rapture will be very soon. Given this and my interest in The Star of Bethlehem, my brows definitely rose when I saw a news item about last night’s rare conjunction of planets and stars.

2013_05 26 Three planet conjunction over Liberty

A tight conjunction of these three planets has occurred only five times in the last century and will not occur again for 43 years. (I don’t know when it last showed up between the horns of the bull.)

2013_05 26 Triple conjunction in Taurus

While Jupiter, Venus and Mercury can be interpreted as symbols for either good or evil, a triangle of them smack dab INSIDE the horns of the BULL definitely gets me looking toward the evil side, which means:

  • Jupiter is the BIGGEST planet. Jupiter is king of the gods and was chief deity of the Roman Empire’s state religion.
  • Venus is the BRIGHTEST planet. Venus is the goddess of sex and was the mother of the Roman people.
  • Mercury is the FASTEST planet. Mercury is Jupiter’s son and was the god of commerce (thieves) and communication (divination). He also guided souls to the underworld.

Wall Street Bull

The constellation Taurus the Bull: One of the stars in the Taurus constellation is named for Mercury’s mother Maia and loads of evilness is associated with bulls.

  • The Golden Calf episode in the Sinai definitely puts cow worship at the tippy top of God’s list of Do Nots.
  • Ditto worship of the pagan deity, Moloch, who was often depicted as a bull and into whose fires live babies were thrown as offerings. Moloch was worshiped by various Middle Eastern cultures, including the Egyptian and Phoenician.
  • In Greek mythology, when Zeus (father of the gods, comparable to the Roman Jupiter) fell in love with the Phoenician princess Europa, he transformed himself into a white bull with golden horns to whisk her away to Crete, where bulls were worshipped by the Minoans.
  • The Romans were reputed to have used a brazen bull as a torture device to kill Jews and Christians. The martyred Antipas mentioned in the Revelation Letter to Pergamum (Rev 2:13) was the Bishop of Pergamum who it is believed was roasted to death in a brazen bull during the persecutions of Emperor Domitian ca 92 AD.

Are you seeing a theme here? I sure am.

  • We’ve got a triangular three-some of bad god symbols perched inside the horns of a bad god symbol.
  • We’ve also got the raised arm of the constellation Orion the Hunter aimed right at the trio in the horns.
  • And it’s all happening on TRINITY SUNDAY!

The constellation Orion the Hunter: Nowhere in the entire Bible does God speak one word against those who hunt righteously and utilize the meat fully. (Methinks this could be why the vegan-treehugging-PETA crowd hates hunters.)

  • The Hunter’s BRIGHTEST star, Rigel, is actually THREE stars that, from Earth, are so close that they appear as ONE big one = The Trinity.
  • The Hunter’s SECOND brightest, Betelgeuse which marks the shoulder of the hunting arm, is a RED GIANT = Jesus who shed His blood for all.
  • The belt of Orion is THREE stars, more or less evenly spaced in a straight line = The Trinity again, plus:
    • Jesus’ birth: In the Philippines and Puerto Rico, the stars on the belt are called the Three Kings, because they start appearing in the sky around Epiphany. The Three Kings, of course, were the Magi who followed the Bethlehem star to see the newborn King.
    • Jesus’ death: In Spain, Portugal and South America, the stars on the belt are known as the Three Marys after the three women the Bible names were at the Crucifixion and later came to Jesus’ tomb.

Do you see in all this a great big honking SIGN in the sky of the impending END TIMES WAR?!

I sure do.



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Words have yet to be invented that could adequately describe the awe and respect I hold all those who are wearing or have worn the uniform of our country. To willingly put yourself in harm’s way because you have a deeply help conviction that what we have is worth defending takes a spirit that few possess. I’m still waiting to hear anyone tell me the principle that liberals would actually pick up a weapon and face a deadly fire to defend. They cannot. Their ideology is based on weakening the strong and preying on the ignorant. A feudal system where they are the chosen ones who impose their will on the masses by addicting them to government largesse then keeping them barely subsistent. Theirs is a system predicated on empty rhetoric. They have no real core beliefs. That takes something they know nothing about. It’s called guts.


I wonder how the heroes who rest here for eternity would feel if they knew that a majority of the country have squandered the freedoms they paid for in exchange for a life of servitude to a federal handout from a totalitarian regime.



These men went off to war and won every major battle. The war was lost at home thanks to liberals who now teach our children and run our media. Our current Secretary of state insults their memory by bragging about being among them when he only wanted to enhance his political resume. They were treated shabbily when they came home,when all they wanted was for their country to love them as much as they loved it.


When these men fought for our freedom the entire country supported them. Those at home went to work and sacrificed so our soldiers would have everything they needed to win. This will never happen again as people have become selfish and lazy.It is easier to sit and criticize than it is to get up and defend what you think is right. We have gone from a monarch in England to one who’s set himself up here. And a shot was never fired.

Picture 012

I have posted a few related items. This is not a day for politics. It is a day of remembrance for those who served and still serve. They earned it.

Added by CtH, cuz I got it in today’s email from Terrell and LOVE it!

2013_05 27 Terrell's for Memorial Day


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