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2009 Stimulus Priorities, 2013 Economic Realities

2013_05 24 Washington bridge collapsed

Within hours, Obama Apologist In Chief David Axelrod did the totally expectable … he blamed Republicans!

2013_05 24 Axelrod blames Republicans for bridge collapse

Never mind, Mr. Axelrod, that DEMOCRATS have had MAJORITY CONTROL in Washington, D.C., since January of 2007.

Republicans are SO SUPER EVIL and SO SUPER POWERFUL that we can stall Democrat Efforts To Do Good without even being in power! Heck, we can do it without even being in office, as they’ve pointed out so many times when whining about how George Bush is still mucking up foreign policy and the economy and Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin collectively manage to be responsible for everything from Benghazi to Michelle’s bad hair days.

But, snark aside … how about a reality check, mmm? Remember when Obama swooped into the White House back in January of 2009, declaring he was gonna FIX THE ECONOMY BUSH BROKE?

Job #1 was to pass The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — aka, Stimulus or Porkulus depending on which side of the aisle you prefer. President Obama signed the $787 billion worth of additional spending into law on February 17, 2009.

  • The primary and immediate objective was allegedly to “save and create jobs.”

It’s simple to see what a total failure Porkulus was on the primary objective. This graph shows the percentage of Americans who have jobs cross-referenced with Republican vs. Democrat leadership in Washington. The green shadowed area shows the impact of Porkulus on job creation.

2013_04 Porkulus and Employment in America

The secondary and more long-term objective was to “invest in infrastructure, education, health, and ‘green’ energy.”

Go back and look at that bridge. Fixing bridges is one of the things that falls under the “invest in infrastructure” category. You’d think an obsolete bridge that’s more than half a century old might’ve been pretty high on that Stimulus list, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong.

As you ponder the above and read the list below, please keep in mind that EVERY DIME of the money spent on Porkulus was BORROWED from some future generation of taxpayers.

You’d think that stealing from your kids and grandkids would be something you’d do for only the direst of national emergencies, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong.

Here are just some of the things that Obama Democrats robbed Baby Peters to grease the palms of Democrat Pauls:

  •  $389,000 to study the effects of malt liquor and marijuana
  •  $427,000 to research better video game design for senior citizens
  •  $447,492 on development and use of “African American English” among 70 adolescents
  •  $550,000 to replace windows at a Forest Service center that is closed
  •  $578,000 to solve the problem of homelessness in a town that had no homeless
  •  $700,000 to study how monkeys respond to inequality
  •  $712,000 to develop “machine-generated humor”
  •  $760,000 to develop interactive dance software
  •  $850,000 to study how paying attention improves problem solving
  •  $1,150,000 to replace a guardrail around an empty lake
  •  $1,900,000 to study ants
  •  $2,200,000 to install energy efficient skylights in an alcohol warehouse
  •  $3,400,000 to construct wildlife bridges for animals
  •  $9,300,000 to design robotic bees
  •  $11,000,000 to build a bridge for Microsoft’s headquarters
  •  $54,000,000 to relocate a bridge for the the Napa Valley Wine Train

I do not give a flying finger how wonderful or worthy any of these projects may or may not have been. They didn’t merit debting to pay for them. Period.



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Posted by Pistol Pete

It took some digging,but I have an all-positive news post to start your long holiday weekend.

But first a few words.I share a bench to fold my papers with a black guy who works full time at Fed Ex and does this part-time.We usually talk sports,but I started to mess with him today about all the scandals and the mess Obama is making.He STILL insisted everything was about the mess Bush left.We’re friends and agreed that I wasn’t going to change his mind and he wouldn’t change mine.But it became clear how blindly loyal blacks are to someone they think is one of “them.”

PM Cameron is very cross with the two baddies who hacked off that soldiers head yesterday.When they get out of the hospital they’ll probably get a good thrashing and lose their driving privileges for a year.

There was also rioting by Muslims in Stockholm for the fifth straight night,in my home country of Sweden.There,as well as everywhere in Europe,pods of fanatics who will not assimilate are starting what will become a global assault on Christianity.It’s been happening in Africa and the Middle East for decades.

Frau Lerner refused to quit,so she was placed on ‘administrative leave’ to hide her.

Victoria Nuland,the State Dept. official who never uttered a word that wasn’t put in her mouth by Hillary Clinton, has been nominated for Assistant Secretary of State.Those loyal to the Reich are rewarded.

Yesterday Barry droned on about drones.Today he addressed the Naval Academy on sexual assaults in the military.He neglected to return the Marine’s salute as he boarded Marine one,but did come back to shake his hand.Two breaches of etiquette for the price of one.Another day,another change of subject.Last night NBC never mentioned the IRS scandals but proudly displayed pictures from Barry’s prom.This is what we’re dealing with.

There is proof Holder personally approved of the seizing of James Rosen’s e-mails and phone records.Nothing personal,James… just business.

The dems and the media are in full-blame everything on the racist GOP mode.As the criminal acts become more clear,the harsher and more shrill the sycophants will bawl.

Going to my daughter’s for a cookout this Sunday.Ever since I was hospitalized and she came up to see me and we talked for hours,I feel like I’m a new dad all over again.I have the old wooden pole lamp from Granny’s house that I read by all through my youth and the ornate mirror with a watermill painting on the top that hung at the bottom of the stairway that I saw when I came down every morning.They’re all I have left.I plan to give them to my daughter.We have no room for them and I wanted to keep them in my family.When her daughter and son are grown she can give them to them if she chooses.Both pieces are at or over 100 years,but to me they are a priceless piece of who I am and the man I became.And so is my  child.













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If their lips are moving, good chance they’re lying

2013_05 23 Holder caught lying, Obama trusts him to investigate

2013_05 23 Eric Holder's justice by Terrell

If you want to verify for yourself what Holder and Obama actually said, here are the links:

May 23, 2013: Obama: “Journalists Should Not Be at Legal Risk for Doing Their Jobs” [:25]

May 15, 2013: Judiciary Hearing on Oversight of the Justice Department [5:56]

Is Hank Johnson as dumb as he sounds here or is he just a ponderous speaker? And did he honestly say OUT LOUD that HELIUM legislation was one of the most significant things this Congress had done?!

What, the country’s in such great shape that the biggest thing we have to worry about is florists having enough helium for birthday balloons? Argh.




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Catholic teaching on human dignity

Abortion Industry still at large

Every person, from the first moment of his life in the womb, has an inviolable dignity, because from all eternity God willed, loved, created, and redeemed that person and destined him for eternal happiness.

If human dignity were based solely on the successes and accomplishments of individuals, then those who are weak, sick, or helpless would have no dignity.

Christians believe that human dignity is, in the first place, the result of God’s respect for us. He looks at every person and loves him as though he were the only creature in the world.

Because God has looked upon even the least significant child of Adam, that person possesses an infinite worth, which must not be destroyed by men.

Read more about this subject in the Catholic Catechism @ http://www.catholiccrossreference.com/catechism/#!/search/1699-1715

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Trapping a weasel

Playing the part of the weasel: The IRS Commissioner who did NOTHING to stop Conservatives being targeted, but doesn’t want to admit it with a yes or a no.

Playing the part of the hunter: Rep. Trey Gowdy who does a real good job of harrying that little sucker into the trap and slamming the door shut with a final, “Let the record reflect that meant NO.”

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