The Ten PM Phone Call

There is good reason to believe that Barack Obama himself is responsible for the “Blame The Video” Benghazi cover-up.

(There is a 6 hour time difference between Benghazi, Libya and Washington, D.C. Times given are Washington time.)

2012_09 11 The Ten PM Phone Call

Between mid-day of Friday, September 14 through mid-day of Saturday, September 15, Obama’s people and Clinton’s people shot emails back and forth, working out just how to remove all mention of Islamic terrorism from the CIA’s talking points.

On Sunday morning, September 16, 2012, Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on all the major television stations swearing it was all about the YouTube video.

September 16, 2012: Susan Rice on ABC [1:52]

Why would Clinton and Obama collaborate in an absurd and elaborate lie?

Obama was running for reelection and election day was 56 days after the Benghazi attack … plenty of time for a scandal to develop enough to sink his chances, not enough time for said scandal to fade or be overshadowed by other hot topics.

Clinton was positioning herself for the 2016 presidential campaign and needed Obama to win so she would not be running against an incumbent Republican.

Together, Obama and Clinton had been the architects of the American foreign policy of empowering Muslims because they only don’t like us because Bush was such a bad guy. See, if we would be EXTRA NICE to them, they would obviously return the favor and be EXTRA NICE to us.

Thus, when Nidal Hassan shouted, “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire on his co-workers at Fort Hood, the Obama narrative demanded it be classified as nothing more than “workplace violence.”

That Obama Narrative was that Hassan was just really upset about all the sad stories his PTSD patients told him about all the sucky things that happened to them while fighting Bush’s Stupid War. Hassan had never seen combat, but you know … he was just THAT compassionate. And it totally follows that, being a real sensitive guy and loving his military patients so deeply, he would totally deal with his angst by murdering fellow military personnel. Right?

So when more than 100 guys known to be affiliated with al-Qaeda attacked America (a U.S. consulate is U.S. soil) wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants and armed with hand grenades, assault rifles, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), heavy machine guns and artillery mounted on gun trucks, it HAD to be blamed on Racist Right-Wing Intolerant Bush Style Islamophobia.

It was even more important, so close to the 2012 election, that the Obama-Clinton “We’re Not Big Meanies Like Bush” foreign policy be perceived as having succeeded. Whoever among them located that pathetic YouTube video deserved a raise. From what I heard, it had been viewed all of 300 times before it got blamed for having set off an international incident.



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