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Can't pretend Shut up

Remember the halcyon days before the Obama administration was plagued by scandalpalooza? That’s when everything was peachy and nothing ever went wrong. Good times. Good times.

#RememberWhenBarackObama …

…. campaigned in all 57 states?
… bowled a 37, then insulted Special Olympians?
… rode a girl’s bike in his mom jeans?
… couldn’t figure out how to lower his umbrella to get through a gateway?
… threw out a first pitch and it went into the stands?
… threw out a first pitch and it went into the dirt?

… canceled a visit to wounded warriors, because his camera people weren’t welcome in the hospital?
… kept on campaigning while wearing a dead soldier bracelet the family asked him to take off?
… had a photo of himself saluting a soldier’s casket distributed after the family told him they didn’t want any cameras there?
… made a big deal about a woman who had been buried in an Obama t-shirt, but hadn’t bothered to learn her name?
… made a big deal about that dead soldier bracelet, except he didn’t know the soldier’s name on that either?

… called the worst Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 nothing but “workplace violence”?
… said he would bring our troops home and end the war, then got us involved in a THIRD conflict?
… got the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush?

… called himself Eye Candy?
… sent pictures of himself to celebrate other people’s achievements?
… said he was better at everything than all the people who specialize in those things?
… made a special trip to tell the Olympic Committee he personally wanted them to pick Chicago, then they didn’t?
… sent a budget to Congress and EVERYONE, including all the Democrats, voted against it?
… promised transparency? Haahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

… gave the Queen of England an iPod filled with his own speeches?
… wrote himself into the biographies of previous Presidents?
… tried to get into the WH by going through a window he thought was a door?
… got locked out of his office and somebody filmed him banging on the door and posted it to YouTube?
… tried to shake hands with a Marine who was in mid-salute?
… pronounced corpsman ‘corpse-man’ three times?

… made out like he is such a great dad and loving husband, when he and Michelle lived apart for 11 years before the White House?
… ate a dog?
… said he was going to get his kids a rescue dog and that his girls would be responsible for walking it, except he didn’t and neither did they?
… accepted a Ted Kennedy dog that had been rejected by its first owners, even thought it was too big and high strung for his kids to handle?
… was too stupid to realize a high-strung hunting dog doesn’t belong in a house full of antiques?
… named the dog after himself?

… sat in a church for 20 yrs and couldn’t remember anything his spiritual mentor ever said?
… said “my Muslim faith” and George Stephanopolous had to correct him, “You mean your Christian faith?”
… removed God from the Declaration of Independence?
… got elected president of Harvard Law Review because he was black, but never wrote a single article for it?
… called himself a Constitutional Law Professor when all he did was teach some Racism Is Very Bad adjunct classes?
… said the Constitution was a barrier to real change?
… spent loads of money to block release of his records from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard?

… refused to produce a birth certificate to keep Terry Lakin out of prison, but later did produce “it” because Donald Trump just wouldn’t shut up about it?
… surrendered his law license for … why was that? Oh right. We don’t know. The records are sealed.
… had his Senate seat put up for sale and when his own people investigated, they found themselves innocent?

… said he didn’t want his daughters punished with a baby?
… said abortion survivors have no right to medical or comfort care?
… asked God to bless the largest abortion provider in the country?
… wished us all a Happy Mother’s Day by reminding us he got ladies free birth control?

… promised to get right on that jobs thing someday?

… blamed the minority party for everything his administration fails to accomplish?
… and his buddy Eric Holder sold guns to a Mexican Cartel that used them to kill Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans, then blamed gun violence on the NRA?
… wouldn’t authorize the bin Laden raid until Valerie Jarrett said it was okay, then took credit for “leading” the whole thing?
… called on the Marines to defend him from the rain, but told them to Stand Down in Benghazi?
… went to bed while our consulate was under attack?
… partied in Las Vegas the day after four Americans were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi?

… promised that if Obamacare passed, it would make health insurance premiums go down?
… mocked the idea that he would push gun control?
… told Democrats to get “revenge on” and “punish” his enemies and then was all shocked that his IRS and DOJ did just that?
… told graduates to ignore whispers of tyranny. Meanwhile back at the IRS …

… accomplished the seemingly impossible task of moving Jimmy Carter into second place on the list of worst presidents?



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Occupy a few brain cells why dontcha?

Occupy the Farm anti-capitalist uses iPhone

Nothing like tweeting anti-capitalist bs on your iPhone to pass the time at a totally useless protest of … ummm … not sure what. It looks more like an excuse to hang out and smoke dope than anything else.

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40th anniversary of Watergate

40th anniv of Watergate - Leno

Holder's signature was necessary to get subpoena



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Clueless in DC

No Clue Barack

Obama’s DOJ head, Eric Holder, also has no idea.

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