I would wish a sincere Happy Mother’s Day if anyone came here. But they do not so I’ll just make it a remembrance of my long-dead mom and granny and celebrate DW as she truly is a treasure.




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  1. Happy Mothers Day, Ladies. And Mrs. Pete, too!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Thanks, guys! My fella is mowing the lawn while the spackle dries. Then he’s going to come in a vacuum and cook. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the sound of work happening and talking to my dds. It’s such a joy to hear how happy they are being moms. I get a kick out of knowing they finally understand how much I love them.


  3. Ting

    Thanks for the good wishes. It was a busy, productive day around here, followed by a family dinner with my mother and my children on the screened porch – the first dinner on the porch of the season. I am such a lucky lady.


  4. Happy Mother’s Day, PoliNationals… to all mothers, and everyone who had one. 🙂

    Pete, thanks for the mom vids. Watched ’em as a playlist tonight with Mrs & daughter. Um.. didn’t watch Reba all the way through. The first one was tissue worthy.

    Didn’t get to go down and see my mom today. Car will be fixed later this week, so I told her I’d still see her on “Mother’s Week.” We generally celebrate holidays “around” the usual dates. Mom will be 93 in about five weeks. I told her today, whatever “mistakes” she might’ve made raising me, she was much younger then than I am now, and since I’ve ruined all my own kids, I can truly commiserate. 😉

    She said, kids just don’t come with manuals!

    Want a lost cause to pray for on Mother’s Day? My estranged brother to see his mother again. In this life. She’s said, she used to think the worst thing would be to have a child die before you, but now she knows there’s worse.

    My own wonderful wife is being feted with fresh home-made enchiladas by our daughter. She has heard from both sons, one brought flowers. And looking ahead, other son is engaged to be married, their current plan being December, for reasons no one knows, but if it helps bring her some grandchildren sooner rather than later, I’m all for it.

    Every day is mother’s day.