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Eating their own. It’s the Democrat way.

2013_05 12 Hicks is a Democrat



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And the definition of PROPAGANDA is …


CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson apparently decided she had had ENOUGH with being a mouthpiece for Democrats.  She’s been reporting on Benghazi like she actually gives a toot about four dead Americans and a White House cover-up.

CBS: State Dept Officials Set To Contradict Obama Admin’s Account of Benghazi

Now, the word is that unnamed CBS News “executives” are Not Happy with her and that she is likely “leaving ahead of contract” (read: getting the boot) for what said unnamed execs call “wading dangerously close to advocacy” in her reporting on Benghazi.

  • Advocacy on behalf of Democrats is clearly not a problem at CBS, as anyone who saw Katie Couric’s hatchet job of Sarah Palin can attest.
  • Nor was it any problem for the network to wander “dangerously close to advocacy” when they granted Barack and Hillary their kissy-kissy interview on “60 Minutes.”

Nope. The only kind of advocacy that’s Not Allowed at CBS News is the kind that interferes with Democrat Talking Points.

Q. Who drafted said talking points?

A. President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.

Q. So what?

A. Ben Rhodes is brother to David Rhodes, who just happens to be the president of CBS News.

CBS-WH Incest



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Thank you, God!

My apple AND my forsythia are in full bloom today. I think that’s just such a sweet thing for God to do for me for Mothers Day. 🙂

2012_05 12 Our apple and forsythia in bloom

2013_05 12 Forsythia cup

2013_05 12 Apple blossom cup

Sunshine and flowers by God. Pics by Dearest.


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I would wish a sincere Happy Mother’s Day if anyone came here. But they do not so I’ll just make it a remembrance of my long-dead mom and granny and celebrate DW as she truly is a treasure.



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Benghazi In Four Words

“We’re on our own.”

-G. Hicks, Tripoli, early AM 9-12-12

Woods, Doherty, Smith, Stevens

America Will Not Forget

Blood on their hands

  • We Need Air Support!
  • You’re On Your Own.
  • We Need To Go!
  • Stand Down. Stand Down.
  • America Wept. Obama Slept.
  • Americans Died. Hillary Lied.
  • Nothing To See Here.
  • Must Get Obama Re-elected.
  • Benghazi Lies DO Matter!
  • President Hillary, NOT happening.
  • Obama, YOU own this!
  • NOT a road bump.
  • Too BIG to Bury.
  • Let the TRUTH stand.




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