A distinction without a difference

2013_05 Terrorists are all alike

May 4, 2013: Bill Ayers said people can’t equate the bombings that he and others in the Weather Underground did 40 or so years ago with the Boston Marathon bombings. He said to do so would be like comparing folks enjoying a little target practice at a shooting range with what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I’m so sure Weather Undergrounders like Bill’s common law wife made it to the FBI’s Top Ten Wanted List because they were so peaceful and law-abiding.

But. But. But.

According to Bill, he and his violent extremist bomber buds never KILLED anyone.

Too bad he’s either lying or all those drugs he’s used have damaged his memory.

In 1969 and 1970, he and his terrorist thugs detonated more than half a dozen bombs in public places. The fact noone outside their own incompetent members was killed is due more to luck than lack of lethal intent.

In March 1970, while preparing a nailbomb the Weather Underground intended to detonate at a dance at a local Army base, three of them blew themselves up.

And while they didn’t take credit for a lethal bombing at a San Franciso Police Department the month before, there is good reason to believe they did it.

Moreover, having probably killed and definitely been killed, they clearly had no intention of stopping.

In April 1970, Chicago police raid and shut down a Weather Underground bomb factory and confiscated 59 sticks of dynamite, ammunition, and nitro glyerine.

In 1971, the FBI located another bomb factory in San Francisco and the group detonated two more bombs.

In 1972, they bombed the Pentagon.

In 1973, they detonated three more bombs.

In 1974, they detonated four bombs.

In 1975, they detonated four bombs.

In October of 1981, a group of Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army members held up a Brinks truck. When authorities stopped them, they opened fire, killing two police officers and one Brinks guard, as well as wounding several others.

Ayers and his common law wife both got off, not because they were not guilty, but because the FBI had messed up on procedures. Ayers was later quoted as crowing they were,

“Guilty as sin, free as a bird. America is a great country.”

In 2001, Ayers appeared in Chicago Magazine, proudly stomping on the American flag and saying he had no regrets about his long association with the violent domestic terrorist organization. He said,

“I acted appropriately in the context of those times.”

Appropriately? This man detonated bombs in public spaces in the name of peace; he claims to hate imperialism, yet has long supported Communism; he also claims to hate globalization, yet has been involved for decades in advancing the career of Barack “It takes a global village” Obama’s career.

Recognizing the two-faced hypocrisy of this arrogant Leftist, tweeters weighed in on ways that Ayers and Tsarnaev are like Totally Different.

  • The Weather Underground didn’t get their own operatives killed. Oh wait. Yes, they did.
  • Both were guilty as sin, but only one went to jail.
  • Ayers didn’t use pressure cookers.
  • Tsarnaev never wore an earring.
  • Ayers stole taxpayers’ money after he bombed U.S. citizens.
  • Tsarnaev stole taxpayers’ money before he bombed U.S. citizens.
  • Ayers is still drawing oxygen.
  • Tsarnaev never threw a party for Obama.
  • Ayers has Obama’s cell phone number.
  • Tsarnaev has an Obama phone.
  • Ayers got tenure and became a liberal media celebrity.
  • Tsarnaev never set off a bomb at the Pentagon to celebrate Ho Chi Minh’s birthday.
  • Ayers’ bombings weren’t Terrorism-Terrorism.
  • We don’t have a picture of Tsarnaev standing on an American Flag.

Summary: They both hate America. The reasons don’t matter.



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4 responses to “A distinction without a difference

  1. If any U.S. citizen had foreknowledge of, and perhaps even involvement in planning the 9/11/2001 attacks, in my opinion it appears that Bill Ayers would be a prime suspect.


  2. GP

    Ayers was set to speak to our local HS students a few years back while promoting his book (have no clue what the name of it was). I am so proud of the fact that I helped to shut him out. We parents started called the Superintendent wondering why he was allowed to speak, unopposed and without any parents present. Ayers was invited by a history teacher at the school who was one of his former students (brainwashed at the University, what a surprise).
    Anyway, at first they claimed students had a right to know both sides of the issue and when we pointed out, that none of his victims was allowed to speak, they finally pulled the plug on this POS.
    Then we moved to the local bookstore and threatened to boycott them if they allowed his scheduled book signing. The book store was not happy, again claiming free speech, but since this is not a chain, just a local bookstore that depends on community support, they finally backed down,
    after sending out an email about how they felt we should not be censoring books,
    but claiming they had a security issue with his appearance.
    I have not walked into that bookstore since.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Well done!!!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I started the library at our parish, mostly financed with my own money plus books that were donated. One lady wanted a certain book added.

      She didn’t want to buy it, which would mean me buying it. I told her I didn’t like the book and wouldn’t buy it. She claimed CENSORSHIP. Phooie. (Someone did eventually donate it; I put it on the shelf.)

      CHOOSING not to spend MY money on a book I thought was a massive waste of paper and ink isn’t censorship. Every publisher, librarian and bookstore does the exact same thing.