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And LIBERAL comes just after LIAR and just before LICHEN

Julia Roberts


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This isn’t America any more

Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who died in the Boston Marathon bombing, was a Catholic who had received his First Communion just last year. As Martin lay dying, he was denied the comfort of a priest. This was not for lack of proximity. When the priests at St. Clement’s, just three blocks away, heard the explosions, they gathered sacramental oils and hurried to the scene.They were barred from the scene. Non-uniformed citizen were allowed to help tend the wounded. Even a three-foot-high blue M&M was there. But the guys with the backwards collars? Nada.



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Anti-frackers are freaking JERKS

Tribeca Film Festival lies about shutting out farmers

Phelim McAleer (maker of the pro-fracking documentary FrackNation) was supposed to attend the world premiere of Gasland 2 at the Tribeca Film Festival and write a review for the New York Post.

When he got there, he asked some tough questions of Josh Fox (maker of the anti-fracking documentaries Gasland and Gasland 2) on the red carpet. The Tribeca staff then barred him, his FrackNation partner Ann McElhinney, from the screening.

Fox’s people also barred a group of farmers who had gotten up at dawn to drive from Pennsylvania to see the movie.

Phelim, Ann and all the farmers had tickets!  One farmer even said his wife was already inside, but they wouldn’t let him in once they knew he was with Phelim and Ann.

A Russian journalist was reportedly arrested for trying to cover the story of the festival keeping people out of the screening.

You know how they say, “Annoy a liberal – Use facts and logic”? They aren’t just whistling Dixie.

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No Joke

No Joke

Lazy stupid and unqualified

Obama was presented to us as a “Professor of Constitutional Law.” Actually, he was a part-time adjunct, not a professor, who taught race-based classes, not Con Law.

In the spring of 1994 he taught a class called “Current Issues in Racism and the Law”

The syllabus lists the topics as “Discussion of Reconstruction and Jim Crow,” “Discussion of Black Response,” and “Discussion of Civil Rights/Backlash.”

Student discussion topics suggested by Obama include, “The All-Black, All-Male School,” “Interracial Adoptions,” “Racial Gerrymandering,” “Race and the Criminal Justice System,” “Racial Bias in the Media,” “Welfare Policy and Reproductive Freedom,” “Affirmative Action,” and “Reparations.”

For the slavery reparations discussion, Obama posed sample questions, “Do such proposals have any realistic chance of working their way through the political system?” and “Would there be any legal impediments to such a broadly-conceived reparations policy?”

Another of his classes was called “Race, Racism, and the Law.”


Presidential Calendar: A Time-Based Analysis

A Report by the Government Accountability Institute (11 pages)

Click to access GAI-Presidential-Calendar-Report.pdf




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Under the new format I just invented,I will confine most of the political stuff to the header,so you can skip it and go straight to the silliness.I reserve my constitutional right to rant,and rant I shall.Kind of a right-wing Andy Rooney.Today’s rant is on the White House Correspondents Dinner,hereafter referred to as WHCD,since I don’t type worth a crap anyway.It’s a gathering of jaded assholes.
I’m hoping everybody had something better to do.The one thing I did notice was that Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty were there as guests of CBN.I’m sure there were a few whispers about the hillbillies.Everybody had on their tuxes,Willie shows up in a suit with the shirt sleeves sticking out,the tie is too short,he has on camo shoes,his belly hangs over his belt,like mine,and he was the only one there with a headband.And I’ll bet he couldn’t care less what anybody thought of him.He’s got millions of dollars and a smokin’ hot wife.


Tom Brokaw didn’t attend this year.He felt having Lindsay Lohan there made it a freak show.He also warned that they looked like the chosen ones in Louis the XIV’s France.

Read here:



That was pathetic. The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a

The media wasted no time unsheathing the long knives,pointing out she was there a few years ago.She still lives in their skulls.

Enough crap for today.ON WITH THE FUN!!!




It can't be Monday already




True story:my youngest asked me when she was 5 if Paul McCartney was really in a band before Wings.I assured her that he was.




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Gosnell is not an aberration

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK

Attitude of counselor to answering detailed questions about the procedure: “I don’t know why you want to know this. Just do it.”

Counselor’s advice if baby is born alive at home: “Flush it or put it in a bag and bring it here.”

Misinformation (aka, lies) provided to patient:

  • The laminaria stick “will stop the baby’s heart.” (The laminaria merely dilates the cervix.)
  • The baby doesn’t feel pain. (This is based on a single, highly politicized study that defined “pain” so narrowly that it was not possible before 30 weeks gestation. For people who get it that “pain” is “something that hurts”, fetal pain is well documented at extremely early ages.)

From “Doctors on Fetal Pain”

A wealth of anatomical, behavioral and physiological evidence shows that the developing human fetus is capable of experiencing tremendous pain by 20 weeks post-fertilization. Pain receptors are present throughout the unborn child’s entire body by no later than 16 weeks after fertilization, and nerves link these receptors to the brain’s thalamus and subcortical plate by no later than 20 weeks. For unborn children, says Dr. Paul Ranalli, a neurologist at the University of Toronto, 20 weeks is a “uniquely vulnerable time, since the pain system is fully established, yet the higher level pain-modifying system has barely begun to develop.” As a result, unborn babies at this age probably feel pain more intensely than adults. http://www.doctorsonfetalpain.com/

This is what the counselor claims the clinic casually disposes of “all the time”

23 weeks more images

23 weeks pregnant

Watch the Baby Grow! Ultrasounds Week by Week During Pregnancy

Baby born at 23 seeks is now a thriving toddler


Jackson’s 23 Week Ultrasound!

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Foxy babies

A vixen moved into our back yard earlier this spring and took up residence in the space under the garden shed, where she gave birth to no fewer than eight babies (they’re impossible to count accurately, because they all look alike and they almost never hold still). We’ve been watching them grow up, and photographing them whenever possible. Here are a few baby pictures, plus one of the mama fox feeding her little ones. You can see from the pictures how the babies, which started out a dull grayish orange, are gradually changing to the brighter orange typical of the so-called red fox.

foxes 2 foxes 5

mama fox

foxes 7 foxes 8 foxes 9

foxes 14 foxes 18 foxes 20


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