The Occupy “movement” is SO over

2013_04 25 Occupy NRA protest in DC

As per usual for those Leftist “grassroots” movements, the signs were pre-printed glossy affairs handed out free to anyone who would agree to hold them.

Snarking @ Twitchy:

  • True. Not a lot of media, but still …
    • … more media than at the start of the Gosnell trial.
    • … more media than at the 500,000 strong March for Life.
  • OMG!!!! Look at the tens of people! >:^)
  • The Subway closest to my office has a larger amount of people waiting in line for a sandwich at noon.
  • I just got back from the gun shop to pick up a new AR and there were more people waiting to pick up their new guns than at this protest.
  • That’s about a big a crowd as Sandra Fluke could draw.
  • That’s the 90% of Americans who favor gun control?
  • I’ve seen that many cross a Manhattan street on one green.
  • Whatever you don’t let them form a drum circle.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Speaking of Lame Duck Political Movements … would you believe Code Pink protested at the Bush library dedication? Un-freaking-believable! Check out the snark @