RAAACISM: The Duct Tape of Liberalism

FBI wanted poster - CAPTURED

There’s a bunch of RAAAAACISM tweets flying around because Dorner died and Little Boston Bomber Brother didn’t. I’m not going to dignify any of them by repeating them here. They’re @ http://twitchy.com/2013/04/20/some-believe-boston-bombing-suspect-captured-alive-because-hes-not-black-like-christopher-dorner/

I just like the response tweets:


Racism – It’s like duct tape to the liberals because it can apply to anything.


Jillane Kent – The fixation with race is superfluous and completely unproductive. Dorner killed himself, therefore apprehension and interrogation was necessarily compromised. This latest miserable excuse for a human being engaged with the police officers, making apprehension and negotiation far easier.

Miss Clairee – Whoa, whoa, whooooaaa! Hold on there, sister! You gotta quit using those twenty dollar words so the tweeting morons can understand!

Jillane Kent – I’m an SAT tutor by trade. Being incomprehensible is part of the job 😉


Some believe Boston bombing suspect captured alive because he’s not black like Christopher Dorner.

Yes and some believe in UFO’s, that the WTC was an inside job and Obama is a US citizen.

Hey, give a guy a break, and leave the UFO’s alone!

Foley Schucking Hit, did they miss the part where one of the two Boston Bomber perps was shot dead?

Did they miss the part where Dorner insisted he wouldn’t be taken alive?

Did they miss the part where Dorner fired on the cops while Little Boston Bomber Brother cowered in a boat?

Did they miss the part where Dorner SHOT HIMSELF?

If these racist morons have a problem with Dorner not being taken alive, maybe they should take it up with the guy that shot him.

So what you’re saying is that Dorner was a racist for killing himself.

They said Dorner only killed cops. Totally forgot about the one cop’s DAUGHTER.

And those two random people at that traffic light.

And her civilian boyfriend.

The stupid. It burns….

I’m starting to think “The Walking Dead” is a documentary about liberals.

I’m not so sure they all classify as liberals. I think “Dip$hits” works though.

I think the words ‘liberal’ and ‘dip$hit’ are entirely interchangeable.

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