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The Optimistic Lobster in Boston

I have a friend who lives in Boston. She wrote about this week. It’s the only account I’ve trusted enough to actually read all the way through.


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Virginia protects women

Patients have as much right to expect emergency equipment, basic sanitary procedures, and properly trained medical personnel when they go to an abortion clinic as they do when they go to any other health care facility.

Health and safety requirements exist to protect patients. Health departments exist to enforce these regulations.

For too many years, the hyper-politicization of abortion has led to health departments allowing abortionists to regulate themselves in a way that is not allowed for any other medical center.

2013_04 12 Virginia protects women

Initial inspections of Virginia’s 20 abortion centers found more than 100 health violations that jeopardized the health and safety of women seeking abortions.

On April 19, 2013, the Hillcrest abortion business announced it would close its doors rather than correct the violations the Department of Health inspection documented. The other three abortion clinics in the same area have all said they anticipate meeting the new requirements.

The Hillcrest director’s statement said,

“For 40 years we’ve had the honor of providing compassionate care to the women in Tidewater who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The staff upheld what the philosophy of the clinic was, and that was to ensure that women had access to a safe, legal abortion.”

Yeah, right.


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The blood on Obama’s hands

Triggers vs Obama's pen

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – President Obama scolded the Senate for “letting children die”, because they had voted down a completely meaningless background check law for gun purchases.

The public broadly approves of background check legislation, but the specific bill the Senate nixed would not have stopped recent spree killers. The Newtown shooter stole the guns he used; the Aurora theater shooter legitimately passed his background check; the Virginia Tech shooter passed his by lying on the form.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – The Obama White House announced it would not comply with the Senate’s request for a witness to defend his targeted assassination program and explain precisely who Barack Obama presumes to convict and sentence to death-by-drone, minus any legal process whatsoever.

President Obama has assassinated more civilians (158 confirmed, 233 suspected, includes women and children) than all of the mass shooters in the U.S. since he took office (135).

The Left said Bush deserved to die because he was a mass murderer. Heard any of this lately? No? Really? What a shock. Not. The “peaceful” Left doesn’t give a toot about victims; what they care about is advancing their partisan political agendas.

2013 Drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004



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