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Carson vs Gosnell

If you’ve eaten recently, don’t read this stuff. It is truly nauseating.

Gosnell’s janitor told the jury how aborting women were told to deliver their babies into the toilets. These toilets backed up one-two times a week and he said when he opened the outside clean out pipe, fetal parts such as babies’ arms would come spilling out.

Johnson said he scooped up body parts with shovel and put them in a bag that was dumped in the basement. Gosnell kept a cat to deal with the rats that were attracted to the decaying flesh. The cat pooped all over the clinic.


One of the murders Kermit Gosnell is being tried for is 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar who died of an anesthesia overdose during an abortion on November 20, 2009.

The drugs were administered by someone who was not licensed to do so. The State Board of Medicine says Gosnell had unlicensed employees administer Demerol, Promethazine and Diazepam to patients, as well as do vaginal exams.

When it was discovered that Mongar had slipped into a coma, the clinic called an ambulance. Firefighters and paramedics arrived but were unable to transport the woman to an emergency room until after they had used bolt cutters to open an emergency door.


On Mother’s Day,1972, fifteen poor women, all in their second trimester of pregnancy, were bused from Chicago to Gosnell’s clinic where Gosnell inserted coils of plastic razors coated in gel into their wombs.

After several hours at body temperature, the gel was supposed to melt, allowing the razors to spring open and slice the fetuses to death. Nine of the fifteen suffered serious complications. One of them needed a hysterectomy. None had been told that the abortion method Gosnell chose to use on them was experimental.

Pro-abortion advocates claim this atrocity was the direct result of abortion being illegal. But it is clear that the real culprit was Kermit Gosnell who, once he could legally engage in butchery, moved from secretly maiming and killing on Sundays only to legally engaging in such butchery on a full time basis.



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