About that serial killer the MSM is ignoring

Why is the Democrat Media Complex ignoring this story? It’s simple. Gosnell’s was not a back alley abortion clinic. He was licensed and approved by state of PA.

Gosnell at Snopes

Gosnell at NYTimes

The MSM is claiming this is just a local crime story, no biggie, nothing to see here, keep on moving. I can’t help wondering what the news stories would be like if the man on trial had been a white guy accused of murdering unborn sea turtles and keeping their little flippers in jars on a shelf.

Gosnell's serial killer trophy collection

Fetuses protected by federal law

  • According to Obama, “ensuring fetal demise” after a botched abortion isn’t murder.
  • Gosnell was getting rid of unwanted children. Libs should be celebrating.
  • Can we apply this “kill it if we don’t want it” to other things?
  • Sure. Communists do all the time.
  • Why not abort kids up to age 2? Some 2 year olds are inconvenient. It’s a choice.
  • Why stop at age 2? There are some 30 year olds that are useless mouths.
  • Well, ultimately that’s what choice means.
  • The history of leftism is murder, oppression, torture, gulags, and the devaluation of human beings. It’s boringly predictable.

Random thought: How many vegetarians who are disgusted by the consumption of eggs have no problem with abortion?

  • My wife had 2 fetuses, 7 and 6 Weeks premature, now 26 and 22 years. What I want to know is, when can I call them sons?
  • My son was born in the second trimester. He averages 11 points and three steals a game now! Quite. A. Fetus!
  • My brother’s premature triplet fetuses are all college graduates now.
  • My 5 yr old was born at 30 weeks. Reading up a storm. A magnificent blob of undifferentiated cells!

Tweets gathered @ http://twitchy.com/2013/04/14/actor-nick-searcy-slams-pro-aborts-how-can-they-feign-outrage-at-gosnell-was-he-too-messy/

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