According to MSNBC, your kids SHOULD belong to the State

For the past few years, MSNBC has produced ‘Lean Forward’ ads featuring network hosts pimping liberal agendas. Past ‘Lean Forward’ ads have included a push for action on global warming, promoting gay rights, and viciously attacking the Republican Party. Last month, MSNBC featured an ad by weekend host and college professor Melissa Harris-Perry that referenced the Communist Chinese economic program known as the “Great Leap Forward” … something that left an estimated 18-45 million Chinese dead. It’s posted @

Their latest ‘Lean Forward’ ad again features Harris-Perry again spewing Communist propaganda. In this case, it’s that

Children belong to the State

The message is yet another scary sign of the times and, for those of us who have been paying attention, nothing new. However, the push-back on-line has at least been fun … especially at Twitter.


  • First it was “You didn’t build that.” Now it’s “You didn’t birth that.” *Sigh* Govt, stay out of our cribs.
  • Telling a mom her kids belong to the collective is the stupidest thing MSNBC has done since hiring Keith Olbermann.
  • Did a village raise this particular idiot?
  • The Borg “Collective”: “Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward you will service us.”
  • I’ve got college tuition for my child due soon. Pay up, Melissa.
  • Dear MSNBC, If your kids are our kids, can we take them hunting after church in our big pickup truck?
  • The woman making $138,000+ annual to teach for 6 hours/week, 8 months/year, says we don’t spend enough on education.
  • Let me get this straight … a woman’s body is hers but my kids are not mine?
  • If kids belong to the collective, can we tell the ‘my body, my choice’ morons to pound sand?
  • Hey, Melissa. I have chores & no kids. Send some over. Yard work to do.
  • Unless you’re my wife, don’t call them “our” children.
  • So kids are property eh? And here I thought we’d abolished slavery.
  • My kids belong2me,my husband&God. That’s why their last name isn’t “Harris-Perry,” “Obama,” or “FedGov.”
  • Hey @mharrisperry, I taught “our” daughter how to shoot. I hope that doesn’t upset you. Much.

Margaret Thatcher and Mia Love got it right.

Thatcher on Families

Mia Love Stand Strong

Other commentary on the MSNBC spot:

It Takes A Village Idiot To Say Kids Belong To State

Statists like Ms. Harris-Perry oppose school vouchers and school choice because that puts the decision of what children will be taught — and where — in the hands of parents. Kids are to be herded into re-education camps known as public schools where they cannot pray, pledge allegiance to God and country, but where they can get condoms and free contraceptives because the state knows better.

Critics slam MSNBC host’s claim that kids belong to community, not parents

“Excellent example of elitists who think they know how to raise your kids better than you.”

Rush Limbaugh

I want you to listen to how matter of fact it all is; how she just presumes everybody agrees with this. This is not something she even has to defend. This isn’t an argument that she has to win the debate about. This is a conclusion now that we’ve all come to, and everything in here is a conclusion.

Glenn Beck

It’s already being implemented with Common Core. It’s already been implemented here in Texas with CSCOPE. You don’t have a right to see as a parent what your children are learning. You go to a Texas school and say, “Let me see the curriculum.” You can’t. “Let me see that test that you are teaching through CSCOPE.” You can’t. You’re a parent. You don’t have a right to know.

More tweets @ #kidsbelongtous



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3 responses to “According to MSNBC, your kids SHOULD belong to the State

  1. Ting

    Oh, please. This is truly disturbing. I can see why Bob home schools.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      That Texas thing fries my buns. I encountered that attitude with one school we tried for a short time. The administration was all “just pay the tuition and leave the important stuff to us professionals” toward parents … except the “in” clique of parents who, based on gossip I heard, must have had their noses in private student files to know such things. Sick sad place. Worst thing was, it said “Catholic” over the door. Some of the teachers really tried, but we got sick of the battles with the principal and her clique so pulled the kids out.