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More of that good ol’ Liberal Tolerance

Let’s hear it for Lefties supporting free speech and property rights. Ahem. And, oh by the way, do you hear any racist dog whistles in her ranting? Methinks I do.

Vandalism at Ohio State University


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Bob Beckel is wrong

Ben Carson on White Liberal Racism

Bob Beckel Tries To Recast Racist Liberals By Mychal Massie on April 9, 2013 in Daily Rant


My opinion of liberals was reinforced last week as I was channel surfing late one evening and happened upon Bob Beckel blustering about Dr. Ben Carson. As many of my regular readers are aware, I do not watch Fox News, but happening upon Beckel at that moment froze my finger just as it readied to click the channel button on the remote control.

Dr. Carson had accurately referenced elitist white liberals as being “the most racist people out there.” That was enough to set Beckel off. He objected to Dr. Carson’s assertion, and launched into a screed accusing him of being ignorant of history. But, Dr. Carson is not ignorant of history – rather it is Beckel who is attempting to deny history.

Beckel claimed that it was liberals who had gone into the South to march with Dr. King – not least of whom was his father. He claimed that his father was a “liberal who went into the South and was arrested 57 times in the civil rights movement registering blacks.”

The telling moment was when Beckel said, “It was liberals who have been on the forefront of every major”… and then caught himself. He did not finish his statement. And well it was that he didn’t because what he was about to assert was a damnable lie, and he knew it.

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Posted by Pistol Pete

It never ceases to amaze me how unhappy and how angry liberals seem to be.They won everything in 2008 when they got a cardboard cutout elected president,still they scream.They got angry with Chicago Jesus because he didn’t close gitmo right away,didn’t pull all our troops out of every foreign country and didn’t outlaw internal combustion engines on day one. He also didn’t fully embrace gey marriage until after his reelection,when it was safe.Liberals have a big,empty hole inside that will never be satisfied no matter how many of the next person’s rights they infringe on or how much pain they inflict.

I’m reading this morning about the ‘death parties’ that broke out in the UK after Baronness Thatcher’s death.When she became PM,the British economy was a mess and unemployment was 13.9%.When she left office it was 5.8%.She broke a few labor unions along the way,hence the continuing venality.She has had nothing to do with anything for over 20 years and still the left never lets it go.She was treated with the same rage as Reagan,George W. Bush,Sarah Palin,Herman Cain,Dr. Carson and anybody else with the temerity to stand up to their tyranny.Forgive and forget has never been a consideration to the Democrat party.









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