Mascot Alert!

Please pray for the Monkeys. Baby Monkey is past due and ready to come out, but Mama Monkey’s body hasn’t figured out what should come next, so the OB has sent them to the hospital for induction tonight.


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4 responses to “Mascot Alert!

  1. Will do. Prayers already started.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Just heard: Today was Lil Buzz’s first day at Pre-School. Mama had a “mom moment” packing his snack. Takes me back to when I found myself pushing a cart through a store, clutching a list labeled “School Supplies” for her first day of Pre-K. I kept muttering “I’m not READY to have a child who needs SCHOOL SUPPLIES.”


  3. Praying that everything goes well.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Woohoo!! Baby Monkey has arrived, safe and sound. Mama is tired and hungry. Baby has all his pieces and parts. Weighs 7#3oz, has hair, cries. Daddy is floating on air. :o))))) … Not sure I’ll be allowed to post pics. The Monkeys are security conscious cuz of you know why. Not that I have any yet, but just so you know.