Mascot Easter

Easter Sunday was Baby Monkey’s official due date, but he’s still not here. Oh well. First babies are often late … he probably just wants to keep us on pins and needles for as long as possible before he makes his Big Entrance. 🙂

Meanwhile, I got pics of the Alaska Easter to share with you! We always made a big deal of Easter and Mama Buzz is keeping up the tradition with an Easter Tree and Jesus-themed gifts.

2013_03 31 Easter tree

GP will be pleased to note there was no candy, just new DUPLOs for their collection inside the eggs.

2013_03 31 Duplos inside eggs

This is how you do an outdoor egg hunt in northern AK. Hide plastic eggs in a snow maze!

2013_03 31 Fairbanks AK Easter Egg Hunt - SNOW MAZE


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5 responses to “Mascot Easter

  1. Hooray for Duplos — best preschool toy ever invented! They kept my kids busy and happy for hours and hours when they were little. My kids are all grown up now, but I still keep the Duplos in big boxes in my living room, and whenever I have small children in the house, that’s they toy they play with the most. Haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t love the things.


  2. Ting

    This is so fun to see. Can’t wait for Baby Monkey to arrive!


  3. Auntie Lib

    I hurried over to see if there was news of Baby Monkey – not yet…

    Love the Easter pics from AK. Easter with snow up to their ears – NOOOOOO!!!!!


  4. The teenager started working on a monkey picture, but I don’t know if she ever finished it. Might have to nag her a little…


    • chrissythehyphenated

      :o) … I’m being kinda slow about framing the two Daughter of Bob Originals we have so far, cuz once they’re framed, I’ll have no excuse to keep them hanging up here for my own enjoyment. I had a smaller than usual bill for my monthly herbs and vities order this month, though, so no actual excuse to not order frames. Also had some actual sleep last night (TY for prayers!) so got some stuff done today, which bumped frame ordering up to the top of my Round Tuit list.