Replacing the mystery with the moronic

Greg Gutfeld defends Jason Biggs’ and Jim Carrey’s First Amendment right to demonstrate what fools they really are.



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7 responses to “Replacing the mystery with the moronic

  1. Pistol Pete

    While they were discussing this yesterday,one of the panel said Jason Biggs’ claim to fame was sticking his weiner in an apple pie.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      His other “Finest Moment” was masturbating with Superglue instead of lubricant, then spending a large part of the movie with his hand inside a giant diaper. Just the kinds of things a family really loves to share with the grandkids.


  2. GP

    Notice how this story only mentions that these are “youths” trying to cover up the fact that this is black on white crime.
    Wonder if the _Resident will take some time off of his hectic vacay schedule for a “Youth” summit-

    Don’t call me a racist because I can’t stand black jelly beans.
    Easter Blessings everyone