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Looking at Revelation without the numbers

I googled yesterday and learned that chapter and verse numbers were not part of the Bible until the 16th century.

It got me thinking that looking only at the order, structure and textual clues in Revelation would be interesting and possibly quite fruitful.

Quick recap: I showed in previous blogs how the Letters/Seals and Trumpets/Bowls are matchers and that Seal Six looks to be the Rapture event.

Revelation Timeline - Pre-Tribulation

Revelation Timeline - Tribulation

I also speculated briefly about what the Letter to Laodicea and Seal Seven indicate will happen between the Rapture and the Great Tribulation. Since then, I had a great talk with Mama Buzz who came up with an interesting thought that maybe heaven would be silent because the Elect go to Earth to help Jesus knock on all those hearts.

I’ve got zero evidence for this idea, apart from the “silence in heaven” thing. And I know he wouldn’t need our help! But he likes it when we help. Maybe he’ll let us appear in dreams or visions to those friends and loved ones who didn’t listen before we were Raptured. It’s a nice thought!

Now, about that textual analysis. My first gleaning is very cool, because it adds even more power to my matchers interpretation. Check it out. The two sets of sevens mirror each other structurally!

Letters-Seals and Trumpets-Bowls


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Replacing the mystery with the moronic

Greg Gutfeld defends Jason Biggs’ and Jim Carrey’s First Amendment right to demonstrate what fools they really are.



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