Too smart to be stupid

BIRD head spinning

The standard talking point among Darwin advocates WAS that no genuine scientist opposes the theory of evolution. BUT, so many genuine scientists have now jumped off the Darwin wagon, the faithful have had to find a new meme.

It’s “only some molecular biologists” who have fallen off the wagon, but really, it’s okay! Because, clearly they just are not able to appreciate the “superior truth” of evolution because they’re so steeped in the study of the inner workings of life at its most basic levels.

Shorter Meme: The fallen have lost their faith in Darwin because they got too smart about biology.

  • Riiiiiiiiiiight. That really works. ::snort::


High-Level Defectors from Evolutionary Theory Leave a Top Darwin Defender Feeling “Disturbed”


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2 responses to “Too smart to be stupid

  1. Good find! I like the way that Dr. Nagel points out, in the article, that Darwinism has really always been about legitimizing atheism, not so much about finding the actual truth. That’s why the proponents seem so unconcerned about how it really works. After 100 years, no one can tell you how it works. All they got is disproved analogies and arm-waving. It’s no wonder that the molecular biologists are the ones defecting. They’re the ones who know, up close, how inadequate it is.