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Percentage of Millionaires

One of the reasons I love twitter is that celebrities are finally having people that aren’t paid “yes” men reacting to their idiocy.

  • Jim Carrey – I’d like to respond to all the conservative bundits out there personally but I’m far too busy NOT stumping for the gun companies.
  • Dana Loesch – @JimCarrey By your logic defending free speech is stumping for broadcast companies.
  • Dana Loesch – 2.1 million Americans use guns for defense annually, via law enforcement reports. 10% are women defending against sexual attack.
  • Dana Loesch – Don’t tell @JimCarrey that Newtown parents voted for armed police in their schools. He might start calling them “m*therf*ckers,” too.

The power of the internet – University bows to national outrage, will not punish student who refused to stomp Jesus.


  • On “O’Reilly Factor,” Juan Williams defended the “stomp on Jesus” class activity, which the professor (who is a Democrat Party activist) claims is supposed to inspire “critical thinking.” I won’t post the Youtube link, because IMHO, listening to Juan Williams lowers your IQ.
  • If the purpose of the exercise was to inspire critical thinking, as Williams suggests, it seems to me the only kid to pass was the one independent enough not to fall in line with the sheep.
  • I thought the fact that the professor refused to use the student’s refusal as part of his lesson was clear evidence that the exercise was not about critical thinking, but about getting kids to disrespect Christianity.
  • Juan should critically think about how he’d feel if the paper had said MLK, not JESUS.

Oh gosh. What a relief! Greece is only going to steal 40% of the money people have saved in their banks.


Liberals can say the stupidest things and be exempt from mockery by the elite because their illogical opinions qualify them as enlightened.

  • “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.” – George Orwell
  • Scientists are just as likely to make an error of philosophy as philosophers are to make an error of science.
  • Obamacare is trashing the American health care system and moving us toward single payer, so yeah, it’s working as intended.
  • Chicago making plans to build Obama Presidential Library. It’ll have a special section on Benghazi full of nothing but locked doors.

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex – We must not believe the Evil One when he tells us that there is nothing we can do in the face of violence, injustice and sin.


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Supremes start hearing aruments today on whether more than 2 milennia of history are no longer relevant.The left could never,ever get gay marriage passed into law so leftist judges are their backup plan to get their own way no matter what.








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Outstanding news for the unborn

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed three pro-life bills this morning, including one that would ban most abortions in the state. Dalrymple acknowledged a court battle is expected and asked state legislators to set aside funds to pay for the expenses.

The governor’s office released the following statement on the bills he signed:

“Gov. Jack Dalrymple today signed HB 1305, HB 1456 and SB 2305 and provided the following statements to the Legislature:

North Dakota House and Senate presiding officers:

I have signed HB 1305 which would ban abortions performed solely for the purpose of gender selection and genetic abnormalities.

I have signed HB 1456 which would ban abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Although the likelihood of this measure surviving a court challenge remains in question, this bill is nevertheless a legitimate attempt by a state legislature to discover the boundaries of Roe v. Wade. Because the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed state restrictions on the performing of abortions and because the Supreme Court has never considered this precise restriction in HB 1456, the constitutionality of this measure is an open question. The Legislative Assembly before it adjourns should appropriate dollars for a litigation fund available to the Attorney General.

I have signed SB 2305 which requires admitting and staff privileges at a nearby hospital for any physician who performs abortions in North Dakota. The added requirement that the hospital privileges must include allowing abortions to take place in their facility greatly increases the chances that this measure will face a court challenge. Nevertheless, it is a legitimate and new question for the courts regarding a precise restriction on doctors who perform abortions.”




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Easter Craft Day

2013_03 25 Easter Craft Day


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