Barack Obama WANTS America to fail

2013_03 12 No immediate crisis

TWEET: A reminder to @BarackObama: More people than the entire population of Germany have dropped off employment rolls since you took office.

2013_03 15 Obama burns gas to preach about gas consumption



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4 responses to “Barack Obama WANTS America to fail

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    What a TOTAL joke! Lindsey Graham hopped on to Twitter to take questions today. He ignored all the important stuff, answered only fluffy crap like what he’d had for breakfast and what kind of cake he prefers.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Obama tweeted a picture with snarky “A reminder to severe conservatives” tag showing his signature on Obamacare with a “stamp” saying “UPHELD June 28, 2012.”

    That’s the best he can brag on? That SCOTUS voted 5-4 that the fine is really a tax, so it’s constitutional? I’ve heard there’s a new challenge pending because tax bills MUST start in the House and this bill started in the Senate, making the entire TAX bill illegal.

    Anyhoops, it gave Conservatives a chance to snark back.

    @BarackObama A reminder about the will of the people: Quinnipiac Poll: Voters Disapprove Obama and Obamacare

    A reminder to failed President @BarackObama: 7.9% unemployment.

    @BarackObama what reminder? That you’re the worst president ever?


  3. GP

    Reminder to Obama.
    It is OUR country.
    You will kill it over our dead, gun gripping bodies.