This is what passes for comedy on the Left these days

2013_03 12 Lampanelli disgusting tweet

When did using that word for a woman become acceptable? Does this mean we can now refer to MEEchelle as FCOTUS?

Lampanelli calls herself “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean.” She got 25% right. On the plus side, at least the Left has somebody who can make Kathy Griffin look classy in comparison.

2013_03 12 Lampanelli - reply to

My mom always told me that people that have nothing intelligent to say resort to profanity. I do believe Lampanelli illustrates that point.

Lampanelli is just another angry, mean, ugly progressive woman with a potty mouth.

Potty’s have more class.




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4 responses to “This is what passes for comedy on the Left these days

  1. To my Catholic friends, congratulations on the selection of a new pope!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thank you! 🙂 I needed that. Someone I used to like posted not one, but two rude things to her facebook wall about the conclave.


  2. Yeah, because being the lone brave conservative woman on a show full of raving loons makes it justifiable to call her the most vile name there is. Lefties are so good at that ‘hate’ thing.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Just saw ratings report for The Bible Week 2 – #1 for History Channel in 8-10 pm slot EVER, 10.8 million total viewers, retained majority of massive week one premiere.

    Got me wondering how the Queen of Mean’s ratings compare … Snort.