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The official Catholic answers to some BIG questions

Question 159: What is purgatory?

Purgatory, often imagined as a place, is actually a condition. Someone who dies in God’s grace (and therefore at peace with God and men) but who still needs purification before he can see God face to face is in purgatory. When Peter had betrayed Jesus, the Lord turned around and looked at Peter: “And Peter went out and wept bitterly”—a feeling like being in purgatory. Just such a purgatory probably awaits most of us at the moment of our death: the Lord looks at us full of love—and we experience burning shame and painful remorse over our wicked or “merely” unloving behavior. Only after this purifying pain will we be capable of meeting his loving gaze in untroubled heavenly joy.

Question 160: Can we help the departed who are in the condition of purgatory?

Yes, since all those who are baptized into Christ form one communion and are united with one another, the living can also help the souls of the faithful departed in purgatory. When a man is dead, he can do nothing more for himself. The time of active probation is past. But we can do something for the faithful departed in purgatory. Our love extends into the afterlife. Through our fasting, prayers, and good works, but especially through the celebration of Holy Eucharist, we can obtain grace for the departed.

Question 161: What is hell?

Hell is the condition of everlasting separation from God, the absolute absence of love. Someone who consciously and with full consent dies in serious sin, without repenting, and refuses God’s merciful, forgiving love forever, excludes himself from communion with God and the saints. We do not know whether anyone at the moment of death can look absolute Love in the face and still say No. But our freedom makes that decision possible. Jesus warns us again and again not to separate ourselves definitively from him by shutting our hearts against the need of his brothers and sisters: “Depart from me, you cursed … As you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me” (Mt 25:41, 45).

Question 162: But if God is love, how can there be hell?

God does not damn men. Man himself is the one who refuses God’s merciful love and voluntarily deprives himself of (eternal) life by excluding himself from communion with God. God yearns for communion even with the worst sinner; he wants everyone to convert and be saved. Yet God created man to be free and respects his decisions. Even God cannot compel love. As a lover he is “powerless” when someone chooses hell instead of heaven.

Question 163: What is the Last Judgment?

The Last Judgment will take place at the end of the world, at the second coming of Christ. “All who are in the tombs will hear his voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment” (Jn 5:29). When Christ comes again in glory, his full splendor will shine upon us. The truth will come plainly to light: our thoughts, our deeds, our relationship to God and to other men—nothing will remain hidden. We will recognize the ultimate meaning of creation, comprehend God’s marvelous ways for the sake of our salvation, and finally receive also an answer to the question of why evil can be so powerful if God is in fact the Almighty. The Last Judgment is also our day in court. Here it is decided whether we will rise to eternal life or be separated from God forever. Toward those who have chosen life, God will act creatively once again. In a “new body” (see 2 Cor 5) they will live forever in God’s glory and praise him with body and soul.

Question 164: How will the world come to an end?

At the end of time, God will create a new heaven and a new earth. Evil will no longer have any power or attractiveness. The redeemed will stand face to face with God—as his friends. Their yearning for peace and justice will be fulfilled. To behold God will be their blessedness. The Triune God will dwell among them and wipe away every tear from their eyes; there will be no more death, sorrow, lamentation, or trouble.


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This is what passes for comedy on the Left these days

2013_03 12 Lampanelli disgusting tweet

When did using that word for a woman become acceptable? Does this mean we can now refer to MEEchelle as FCOTUS?

Lampanelli calls herself “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean.” She got 25% right. On the plus side, at least the Left has somebody who can make Kathy Griffin look classy in comparison.

2013_03 12 Lampanelli - reply to

My mom always told me that people that have nothing intelligent to say resort to profanity. I do believe Lampanelli illustrates that point.

Lampanelli is just another angry, mean, ugly progressive woman with a potty mouth.

Potty’s have more class.




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Schumer’s very bad idea

Liberals ban Idaho for looking like a gun

Tweeters talk about Chuck Schumer’s gun control bill S.374 “Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013”

  • Protecting responsible gun sellers? Why do responsible gun sellers need protection, they’ve got guns? DOH!
  • Sen. Schumer’s would create unintentional criminals out of currently law abiding gun owners. It will be as unrealistic to comply with the restrictive and onerous language as the current federal tax code, HHS rules for Obamacare, and D. C. parking laws. Schumer’s legislation again proves this is all about CONTROL and not about stopping mass murderers and violent felons from killing.
  • Did you know that criminals are exempt from prosecution for gun registration since it would be self-incrimination?
  • S.374 is targeted to LEGAL gun owners who abide by laws as a way around the second amendment. Didn’t Hitler teach this Jew a lesson? Oh, that’s right, liberalism trumps Judaism.
  • S.374 should be titled the “Sue everybody who ever sells a gun act.”
  • S.374 says, if you have a gun lost or stolen and fail to report it within 24 hours, you’re a felon. 5 years in jail.
  • S.374 says, if you loan a friend a shotgun to go hunting, you’re a felon. 5 years in jail.
  • S.374 says, if you leave town for more than 7 days, and leave unrelated roommate at home with the guns, you’re a felon.

This is my peace symbol



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Damning report on Obama’s DOJ

A recently released 250-page report proves that Obama’s DOJ, under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, has consistently refused to pursue cases of voter intimidation of whites.

Keep walking cracker

This included the famous Black Panther case which was recorded on video in 2008. The DOJ dropped this slam-dunk case as soon as Holder took over. Note in the 2008 video that one of the black “security” guys is carrying a billy club. The case against them was dropped in 2009 and, surprise surprise NOT, they were back again in 2010 and 2012.

Nov 4, 2008 “Security” patrols stationed at polling place in Philly [1:21]

Nov 2, 2010 Black Panther again intimidating at the same location [2:38]

Nov 6, 2012 Black Panthers patrol for a third election [1:28]

The investigation report says the Obama-Holder DOJ has systematically refused to pursue cases of voter intimidation where the VICTIMS were WHITE.

According to them, the Voting Rights Act, though written without reference to race, is all about race. This Obama-Holder policy has gone so far as to involve intimidating black DOJ employees who wanted to work on such cases!

The investigation also uncovered blatantly partisan emails and wholly inappropriate comments posted to “widely read liberal websites” by DOJ employees:

“During this period, at least three career Voting Section employees posted comments on widely read liberal websites concerning Voting Section work and personnel. The three employees who we were able to identify with certainty included three non-attorney employees.

Many of the postings, which generally appeared in the Comments section following blog entries related to the Department, included a wide array of inappropriate remarks, ranging from petty and juvenile personal attacks to highly offensive and potentially threatening statements.

The comments were directed at fellow career Voting Section employees because of their conservative political views, their willingness to carry out the policies of the CRT division leadership, or their views on the Voting Rights Act.

The highly offensive comments included suggestions that the parents of one former career Section attorney were Nazis, disparaging a career manager’s physical appearance and guessing how he/she would look without clothing, speculation that another career manager was watching pornography in her office, and references to “Yellow Fever,” in connection with allusions to marital infidelity involving two career Voting Section employees, one of whom was described as ‘look[ing] Asian.’ …

[One of these employees] initially denied under oath to us that she had posted comments to websites concerning Voting Section personnel or matters.

Later in her second OIG interview she admitted that she had posted such comments, identified several of the statements that she had posted, and acknowledged that she had lied under oath in her first OIG interview.”



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The endless moment of love

Question 158: What is heaven?

Heaven is the endless moment of love. Nothing more separates us from God, whom our soul loves and has sought our whole life long. Together with all the angels and saints we will be able to rejoice forever in and with God.

If you have ever observed a couple looking at each other lovingly or seen a baby nursing who looks for his mother’s eyes as though it wanted to store up every smile forever, then you have some inkling of heaven. To be able to see God face to face—that is like one, single, never-ending moment of love.

From the Catholic Catechism.

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Catholics do good pomp :)

2013 Papal conclave

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