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Surely you jest

Obama give up ANYTHING for the sake of little kids from Iowa? ::snort:: What … you think he gives a crap about what anyone thinks of him now? He’s not running again.

Besides which, this is the kind of moron (aka, “low information voter”) who votes for Democrats.


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Halp us Jon Kerry!

A Republic requires two things to succeed: An educated electorate and a free press. A hundred years ago, Progressives set out to destroy the United States of America. Today, we see the fruits of their labors.

2013_03 07 Illiteracy among NY grads and CBS reporters

A CBS New York article bemoaning the lack of basic literacy skills among recent NYC high school graduates was apparently written and/or proofed by someone lacking basic literacy (and computer) skills.  Spell check would have caught mistakes like nervus, chnage, grouip  and emersion.

Emersion Remedial Program


  • CBS … Consistently Bad Spelling
  • CBS … Conservatives Bitch Slapped
  • CBS … The network where you See B.S.
  • Journalizm iz died.

Tweets on illiteracy article

Southern literacy

Banana literacy

This phone floats - or something


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These are both TOTALLY TRUE!

ALGOR means to chill

2013_03 06 Global warming hearings delayed due to snow

Fave tweet and reponse:

Maxx – Once again, mother nature pulls down her Fruit of the Looms and takes a big heaping atmospheric dump on the Route of the Loons.

RightThinking1 – Man…. I AM glad I read that tonight instead of tomorrow while having coffee.


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