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March 6, 2013: Filibuster in the Senate

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) staged an incredible nearly 13 hour filibuster to block President Barack Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan, but mostly to bring attention to potential drone strikes against Americans in the U.S.

Top 10 quotes from Rand Paul’s filibuster

Senator Cruz reads from Twitterverse praising Rand Paul

March 6, 2013: Dinner with the “messiah” at the Jefferson Hotel

President Obama broke bread with a select group of twelve Republican Senators. (Was this in an upper room, do you suppose?) The event was alleged to be “part of a larger effort to jump start budget negotiations.” Say what? BUDGET negotiations? ::snort::

2013_03 Obama's priorities

  • This president has not passed a budget EVAH. Even during his first two years in office, when he had Democrat majorities in BOTH houses of Congress, he didn’t get a budget passed.
  • During the second two years, Republicans had a majority in the House; THEY passed budgets. The Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate wouldn’t bring them to a vote and Democrat President Barack Obama did nothing to make him.
  • The situation is the same with this, the 113th Congress. Democrats hold majority control of 2 of the 3 bodies that are required by BY LAW to pass a federal budget EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Oddly … the Left spins every iota of economic bad news as being due to eeeeeeeeeevil Republican obstructionism. Apparently, Republicans have super-human powers!

  • 2007-2008: Republican President George W. Bush was more powerful than a locomotive, able to destroy the global economy, drive gas and food prices through the roof and put millions of Americans out of work despite having Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress!
  • 2009-2010: Even in retirement, George W. Bush was faster than a speeding bullet, able to fly UNSEEN from Texas to DC to continue his evil fascist control over the Democrat-majority House, Democrat-majority Senate and Democrat-occupied White House!
  • 2011-Present: Since gaining a majority in just the House of Representatives, Republicans are still leaping over the Democrat majority in the Senate and White House, totally preventing these valiant warriors-for-the-people from doing their jobs!

ABC News called Obama’s dinner last night an “extremely rare” meeting between this president and Republicans in Congress. Duh. I have no recollection that Obama has ever done such a thing before in the entire time he’s been in office.

He played golf with House Majority Leader Boehner once. Ooh. Ahh. And I recall one budget meeting with Republicans where he demonstrated all that famous “cool leadership” when he got really pissed about not getting his way and stomped out.

Two members of the Senate participated in the FILIBUSTER BEFORE attended the DINNER: Sen. Pat Toomey and Sen. Ron Johnson.

If you’ve ever had a toddler, you’ll enjoy Government by Temper Tantrum by Stephen Green

Obama Furloughs FDA Inspectors; Keeps $100K First Family Dog Walker

Remember when Malia and Sasha were going to be walking “their” dog, cuz Michelle and Barack just sooooooooo believe in teaching responsibility? It seems the real responsibility for meeting Bo’s needs is left to the taxpayers who cough up $102,000 a year to pay for a professional dog handler.

Congressman Harris Confronts CDC Director Over ABSURD White House Sequester Claim [2:48]


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