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Yesterday we witnessed the best and the worst in our party.On the one hand,Rand Paul and a few other senators with steel spines stood up to the dictatorial juggernaut that is the Obama Regime.Predictably,there were the petulant crybabies who have resented the fresh ideas that Paul,Cruz,Rubio et al brought with them to Washington.

I made a comment earlier on another thread that the tours were conducted by volunteers.This is true,but security is still required.CNN’s Jonathon Karl,in a rare act of journalism figured out the cost came to $18,000/week.As an aside,the White Hut tour director has received 430,000 in raises over the last four years and makes over $100K per year.Barry is going to regret doing this.Check the links and you’ll see why.

I have a lot about the historic events of last night,so let’s get started.







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Revelation: Trumpets and Bowls

I need to jump ahead for a skinny minute and show you why I think the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Bowls repeat the pattern I found with the Seven Letters and Seven Seals. Namely, they provide us with parallel (not consecutive) descriptions of seven (not fourteen) End Times events. As before, they break down into four natural and/or man-made disasters, plus three supernatural disasters.

4 Trumpets Bowls chart

Trumpet One and Bowl One could be describing something natural, like a really horrific meteor shower. Or it could be describing World War III fought with biological, chemical and nuclear WMDs. Maybe both. It is the end of the world, after all.

Trumpet Two and Bowl Two: Something huge hitting the ocean could set off boat-destroying tsunamis. The boats in the photo were beached by one.

Boats beached by tsunami

The deaths and red water are also easily accounted for by some massive disruption in the temperature and salinity of the sea where the “burning mountain” falls. Photos below: In the last couple of years, three salt water areas turned to “blood” when something set off a red algae bloom.

Red blooms in saltwater

Trumpet Three and Bowl Three: Disruptions in fresh water quality can also cause a “blood” effect and make the water undrinkable. Photos below: In the last couple of years, three fresh water areas turned to “blood” for various reasons. Red algae is a marine organism, but as I understand it, the French lake did experience an influx of salt water for some reason. In Texas, prolonged drought caused the reservoir water to evaporate, leaving high concentrations of organic material and very little oxygen in the remaining water. The fish died and a red bacteria flourished. In China, the cause was believed to be a pollutant or a dye spill. In areas where the soil is red, a mud slide can also have this effect.

Red blooms in freshwater

I’m not bothered much by the “third” vs. “all” in either the salt or fresh water scenarios; they could easily be the result of the seer having been shown the same events from two points of view, one more global (a third) and one closer in (all).

Trumpet Four and Bowl Four: Together, these accurately describe what scientists believe would happen if a large-scale war set numerous cities ablaze simultaneously, pumping major amounts of smoke into the upper atmosphere, where it would spread and block the sun, moon and stars globally.

  • A 2007 study concluded that if one-third of the world’s current nuclear arsenal were detonated, the resulting climate disruption would be catastrophic and last for many years. Global precipitation and average surface temperatures would drop dramatically.
  • A 2008 study further concluded that the smoke from such a large nuclear exchange would also trigger a series of destructive chemical reactions in the ozone layer that protects us from most of the DNA-damaging UV rays coming from the Sun.

Diagram below show how these climatic disruptions would be largest over the land areas where much of the world’s food is grown.

CIA nuclear winter map - 40 days

3 Trumpets Bowls chart

As we had with the Letters and Seals, an interlude in the text separates the sevens into a group of fours and a group of three. Another interlude separates the threes into a group of twos and a pair of ones. The interlude after the 4th Trumpet is the Three Woes (Rev 8). The interlude after 6th Trumpet is the Small Scroll and the Two Witnesses (Rev 10 and 11).



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