Things You Can Learn From Liberals

Liberal reaction when losing debate

  • All of the world’s problems can be blamed on either George Bush or Global Warming.
  • A Christian family having lots of kids is “cultish.” A welfare mom having lots of kids is fine.
  • Treating people differently based on skin color isn’t racist as long as it benefits Democrats.

Public school indoctrination

  • Liberals are entitled to judge others based on their actions. Conservatives are not.
  • Rubio’s water gaffe is WAY worse than Ted Kennedy’s water gaffe.
  • When Liberals say vile things about Black Conservatives, it’s not racism.

Doctor cancels patient

  • Waiting 3 months for an MRI is fine, but a 2 day waiting period for an abortion is a civil rights violation.
  • Owning guns is bad. Giving guns to foreign drug cartels is good.
  • Crapping on a cop car is “patriotic.” Demanding government get off your back is “treasonous.”

Liberal efficiency

  • You can bankrupt an entire country and place the blame on Conservatives who tried to stop you.
  • When 50 people show up to protest the war it’s newsworthy. When 10,000 show up to protest abortion it’s not.
  • Having a job is “slavery.” Dependence on government is “freedom.”

Obama's pastor vs My pastor

  • George Bush planned 9-11. Only conspiracy nutjobs question Obama’s background.
  • You can’t judge Muslims because some committed mass murder, but you can judge gun owners.
  • A mosque built near Ground Zero is good. A nativity scene in public view is bad.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Tweet @BrianHughesDC – After Obama’s sequester event, one of the first responders on stage told me that he “felt like a potted plant.”