A little more media bias if you can stand it

Last week, Floyd Corkins admitted he went to the Family Research Council to kill employees. (Thankfully, he was only able to shoot one guard.) Corkins obtained his target from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, where the Family Research Council is categorized as a “hate group” because of its opposition to gay marriage.


The same media that blamed Sarah Palin’s election map for Gabby Giffords’ shooting (despite evidence that Jared Loughner had volunteered for Giffords’ election campaign) found nothing “newsworthy” about Corkin having used the SPLC’s list to choose his target.

2013_02 06 NBC bias





H/t Angelaism.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Good recap, except for the thing about Obama using a teleprompter to talk to school kids. He didn’t. He talked to the kids casually, then went into another school room and used a teleprompter to talk to reporters. There’s plenty to snark and be disgusted about with Obama without repeating stuff that’s demonstrably false. We shouldn’t demean ourselves by stooping to the level of the Leftists who made that “Mission Accomplished” sign into something Bush said, when he never did. In fact, the speech he made that day said we had a long way to go yet. The sign was put up by the ship for the crew and their families, because they were returning from a 6 months deployment.