Obama failed e-Verify; Citizen penalized for asking

A United States citizen has been fined $13,000 for running Barack Obama’s Social Security number through the e-Verify system.

Radio interview with Linda Jordan [14:58]

Obama fails eVerify

More information

Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Failed E-Verify System



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15 responses to “Obama failed e-Verify; Citizen penalized for asking

  1. [Gomer voice] Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Another undocumented citizen.

    Where’s the fundraiser site to help that citizen? That should be covered. Plus, a certificate of thanks. :)

  2. What A Hoot

    Thanks for posting this. You know, it amazes me how many won’t even touch this. This woman, doing what she did, whether right or wrong of her to do IS NEWS. We have the “fair and balanced’ station not reporting. Then we have all the blogs that simply won’t touch the story or anything to do with “The ‘B’ Movement” as some are starting to call it; thinking they are funny. To some Truth “reporters’, who are not reporters but bloggers have decided to be credible by following Rush, Hannity, Beck, All of them in simply ignoring all this. The ironic thing is these conservatives are behaving JUST like the guy they detest — they are no better than Obama himself, on how they are ‘ignoring’ the masses. Remember the 9/12 ‘little gathering’ in DC and how the O completely ignored; thus did not happen. Well, I can understand The Regime doing this and treating citizens this way, but the ‘conservative’ bloggers who trash RINO’s and even Repubs are still wimps and not brave enough to cut the apron strings and give any notice to this and related news I mean, they don’t even have to agree to report! Almost all of the conservative blogs and online news is reporting things the bloggers don’t agree with (duh, think all the lib stuff they report on) but nope, not even a pittance of attention to anyone bringing this up. And, another insight — many blogs find ‘respectable’ ways to wean their forums of birthers; even create unrelated conflicts to get them to leave the forums on their own. . . . .Was at a place earlier today where it has been noticed a birther has disappeared from commenting on the site. Just like Obama. Ignore. It doesn’t exist. Except those on the same side are doing the ignoring.

    So, thank you for standing up. Speaking out.

    • GP

      The problem with RINO’s is that they care more about staying in power than they do about standing up for conservative principles. They will vote conservative once in a while, just to say they did, but mostly they just want to hang out with their pals on the other side of the aisle and give us citizens the finger.
      RINOS are worst than demwits. At least the dems are honest about their ideology-even if they are communist.
      This is why Mark Kirk was allowed to win in IL when the GOV was stolen from the republican who actually won. The machine knew that Mark Kirk was a tool, as he proved by voting for the fighter jets to be sold to terrorists.

      • What A Hoot

        Yep, and I define bloggers screaming against RINOs and the bloggers screaming they are conservative and not mainstream or establishment repubs by IF they ignore this issue and the news there is to report. so many revered, praised blogs just keep their mouths shut and so nothing. Do the rounds of the regular blogs/news online that we all esteem and/or refer to —- nope not a word about this news or any other related.

    • Agreed. I’m still so angry that our leadership refused to do the most reasonable due diligence on both Obama’s birth and on whether his father’s clear lack of citizenship was an issue (it was and it is). Whether the people who stand up are being frivolous or not is impossible to determine until we get an official review by Congress or the SCOTUS. The fact that both are cowards is not our fault. But it is our problem. We’re screwed.

  3. GP

    I had to rant about this.
    I have not mailed a letter in a while. DH usually buys the stamps. So I went to grab one today and the forever stamp says “EQUALITY”. Then I looked at another and it said “JUSTICE”.
    Since when did we become France!!
    This is just another little subtle change this regime is instigating to brainwash us all.
    This really ticked me off!

    • Bob

      Liberté! Égalité!! Fraternité!!!

      (I hope I didn’t misspell those; it’s been almost 40 years since I studied French.)

      • GP

        You even got the accents in there! I have never been able to figure that out.

        • Bob

          You mean where to use them, or how to type them?

            • Bob

              Do you have a Mac? I can tell you how to do it if you’re using a Mac, but if not, I can’t help you. I’m a total ignoramus when it comes to PCs.

              • chrissythehyphenated

                é = On my puter, I can hold down the ALT key, type 0233, then left the ALT key and the é shows up.

                If this works for you and you want to know more codes, search your hard drive for Character Map. On my hard drive, it is @ %windir%\system32\charmap.exe.

                The ARIAL map shows the codes that work online. I have a 3×5 card stuck on my desk with the ones I use most, like ALT-0189 ½.

              • Bob

                On a Mac, if you hold down the e, you get a pop-up with the following:
                è é ê ë ē ė ę
                and you just click the one you want. You can do the same with all the other vowels and get all the different variants that you might need. (You can also make ç and ñ and ÿ and ż using this method.)

            • Hi. For PC users, extended character codes are listed at http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp. Type ê or ê for a “small e, circumflex accent.” Or, hold ALT and type 0234. (Oddly, leave off the zero and you get a different character. Another Bill Gates special!) Or, if you can find them elsewhere, you can cut-n-paste. Search on tres chic and get “très chic.” (I don’t speak French. What did I just say? heh) Which are all horribly tedious. Unless you’re familiar with the codes, you’ll be looking up every character. I just did a quick search and there are details on installing keyboard helpers, like at http://faculty.mansfield.edu/bholtman/holtman/acchars.htm. Might be a little more convenient.

              One of the few delights on my new (well, refurbished, new to me) cell’s on-screen keyboard is that if you hold on the e key, for example, it will display a whole list of variously-accented e’s from which to choose. Plus, one-key transition to a French or Spanish keyboard, as well as separate number and character keyboards, including keys that type in two-character smilies. Why don’t we have such sophistication on our desktops yet? I don’t mean up on the screen, but on a keyboard. Why are we still using 1970s-style hard-keyed keyboards? The other day I saw a vid of a new experimental “screen” that had raised keys when you wanted keys, then they could flatten out. Geeky cool, but will we ever get to use it? All this great interface virtual touchscreeny swipe-keyboard tech is on my otherwise crappy cell; all the programs I really need and use are on the antiquated desktop.

              Rant mode off.