Listen to a PRO-gun Sandy Hook parent

Sandyhook dad you`ll have to take my guns from my cold dead hands [2:55]

Guns and gun free zones

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Tennessee Sen. Beavers and Rep. Butt introduced a bill Tuesday to amend and strengthen the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act of 2009. The bill is fully endorsed by the Tennessee Firearms Association. Given the sponsors’ names, I thought it wise to check that it wasn’t a spoof. Nope. There really is a Senator Beavers and a Representative Butt in Tennessee and they really have collaborated to increase protection for gun owners.

    TN State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet)

    TN State Representative Sheila Butt (R-Columbia District 64)

    Copies of the legislation for Senate and Legislature

    Click to access SB1610.pdf