Their Majesties drop the pretenses

After all … tthey don’t have to run for re-election again, so they can stop pretending they give a damn about anybody but themselves.

2012 Obama Vacays

Michelle has quietly dropped her “Let’s Move” campaign and I won’t hold my breath waiting on her to pretend she cares about military families ever again. And Barry will let his Jobs Council fade away this week without renewing its charter, which won’t matter one whit, since the few times the Jobs Council actually met, he refused to do anything they recommended … which could have something to do with the record-breakingly high unemployment we’ve endured ever since he took office the FIRST time.

2013_01 22 Quick change artist by Terrell

What will their Royal Highnesses be doing now? Why, pushing the Progressive agenda right out in the open, of course. You know, that thing that the high unemployment and runaway spending were all about from the beginning.

It’s all part of the Elitist Hypocrite’s drive to bring back the Good Old Days of feudalism, when the 2% owned and controlled everything.

They’re not pretending any more. Any of them.

Sharpton - Constitution pshaw


H/t Pete’s Grudge report.

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