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The Republican Party is now officially on record as supporting the de-funding of the taxpayer-supported Planned Parenthood abortion business. On Friday, the Republican National Committee passed a resolution to end “any and all” taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion company, and to send money to legitimate women’s health care efforts instead.

Also on Friday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson (a President Obama appointee) dismissed a lawsuit against the government that had been filed by The Archdiocese of Washington, The Catholic University of America, Consortium of Catholic Academies, Archbishop Carroll High School, and Catholic Charities of D.C. Her reason? The organizations had NOT YET been adversely affected by the HHS mandate. Catholic University says it will keep fighting the Obamcare HHS mandate.

An abortion facility in Lima, Ohio, succumbed to financial problems and and increasingly strong pro-life presence in Central Ohio. It’s closed! According to 40 Days for Life, this closing makes 27 abortion facilities that have gone out of business following peaceful 40 Days for Life vigils outside their doors. Praise God! The Lima abortuary had employed two baby killers. Sadly, Harley Blank is still killing babies in Columbus, Thomas Michaelis in Toledo. Blank was honored earlier this year by Planned Parenthood for his bloody 30-year career. Michaelis was convicted in 1991 of two counts of Attempted Gross Sexual Imposition, one count of Voyeurism, and one count of Public Indecency.

At 20 weeks, ultrasound showed Baby Gudrum had part of his brain growing down the front of his face. The docs suggested aborting. The family has 7 other children and the mom is 40. For many in our anti-life culture, it would be a no-brainer (sorry, pun intended). But these parents said no. “That’s my child. It’s that simple. I’m not going to take the life of my child.” I can’t do this story any kind of justice in a blerb. You gotta go read it! Kleenex Alert!! (Cool factoid: The Dad in this uber Pro-Life, faithful Catholic, homeschooling family is an appellate court judge!)

Dominic Pio Gundrum

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