FORWARD on Shamnesty

FORWARD on Shamnesty

Tweets on Immigration

  • ‏@votermom – No Senate budget for 4 years, no new jobs, Al Qaeda on rise, but by all means let’s prioritize.
  • ‏@birdieinmyear – Border Security Should Not Be A Pre-Condition To Immigration Reform. It Is Already The Responsibility Of Government!
  • @michellemalkin – What should we do? How about clearing nearly 800,000 UNVETTED visa overstay records FIRST & unconditionally. NO tethering to #shamnesty.
  • @sowhatrusaying – Only in Obama’s America can you say someone who is here illegally and therefore breaking a law, has no criminal history.
  • @SenTedCruz – Amnesty is profoundly unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited years, if not decades, to come to America legally.
    @DLoesch – In this country it’s harder to become a legal citizen than an illegal citizen. Insane.
  • @michellemalkin – What should we do? How about prioritizing naturalization backlog & showing preference to those who FOLLOW OUR RULES vs those who break them?
    @annmcelhinney – As a legal immigrant when an amnesty comes will I get citizenship, or do I have to break the law to qualify? Just askin.
  • @politiJim – What do I say to my int’l friends who have been waiting years LEGALLY to get US citizenship? “Too bad you didn’t break the law earlier?”
    @DLoesch – My sons’ Spanish teacher is a citizen, her husband is not. He’s been waiting several years for citizenship.
  • @dylansodad – My wife worked hard to become a USCITZ, took over 5 years but it was the law. She is not Latino, does that make a difference.
    @khalifallah – I waited 7 years myself.
  • @GLCrosthwaite – Took me about 8 years in all to become a US citizen, either way though it was worth it. I love being here.
    @Abcstofree – spoke 2 a Vietnamese immigrant. Took 8 years to legally come to this country with her sister living here. Not here for welfare.
  • @canadanielle – my family took ten years and waited in lines LEGALLY to obtain our citizenship.
    @JonathanHoenig – A friend’s sister’s family waited patiently over 12 years to come legally from Hong Kong.
  • @fullmoonsister – waiting 13 years to bring family legally into this country & still have another 5 years to go b/c siblings.
    @sapienist – Current laws resulted in 23 years of legal struggle on legal Visas for me to become citizen. 23 YEARS.


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9 responses to “FORWARD on Shamnesty

  1. Anne

    I totally agree with the fourth Tweet. I’ve never been able to figure out how being an ILLEGAL immigrant is okay.

  2. Violet

    I’m sure this isn’t the most appropriate place to post this, but according to some leaked emails, the US was considering backing a chem weapon attack in Syria, and was planning to blame it on Assad. I first saw the headline on the daily mail site, but the story was quickly pulled down. Googled it, and was able to find a link that was still functional as of this afternoon:

    • Violet

      Wow, I just checked the link, and the story has already been altered. It previously contained a screen-grab of the actual email. I wish I had been smart enough to screen-grab the screen-grab when I saw it…had to do quite a bit of digging to find a link that hadn’t already been pulled down, so I should’ve known it wouldn’t be there for long…

  3. GP

    I am looking at the forward graphic above and it reminds me of the altered version:
    F word (with the O, being Obama’s logo)

    • chrissythehyphenated

      I swiped and altered the right hand side of the graphic from someplace else. The Onion? Red Square? It was paired with Stalin in the same pose, showed people running off a cliff like lemmings.

  4. chrissythehyphenated

    WordPress has indigestion today. It’s notifying me that chrissythehyphenated commented on my blog. Ahem. I’m logged in. It should know that’s me. Duh.