Gun Laffs

Over the weekend, Seattle cops held a gun buy-back event, where they offered gift cards of $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles and $200 for assault weapons. At the moment, private citizens can buy and sell guns without filing paperwork, so gun collectors started working the crowd, waving wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line for the buy-back program. The buy-back wasn’t a total bust. The cops used up their $80,000 supply of gift cards in the first 2 hours. The Seattle PD plans to check all the guns they bought to see if any were stolen property, in which case they will try to return them to the rightful owners!

Gun Control by Stan Weber

For other gun control hilarity, check out the graphics I harvested off Facebook!

Gun free zone

Dawg they passed a law

Swamp militia

Texan tan line



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11 responses to “Gun Laffs

  1. I love that last line about the police checking for stolen property and returning guns to their owners… now that is funny.

    I refuse to get involved in this debate. I remain conflicted. I am not a gun owner and I never have been one.

    My conflict is due to the fact that my cousin was kidnapped, raped and murdered. The murder weapon was a gun…. but…. this man was intent upon having sex with my cousin. If he did not own a gun, after he kidnapped her, then he would have used some other weapon to kill her. My cousin did not reach her 21st birthday.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I can relate to your feelings, having had a similar issue in my past. Because of emotions, not facts, I used to be pro-gun-control. Then I watched Larry Elder’s documentary, Michael & Me. It turned me around 180 degrees.

      I had no idea how many people are SAVED from being victims of violent crimes, either because they or someone nearby is armed. I do not mean in any way to belittle your grief, but the true gun tragedy for your cousin was not that the criminal had one, but that she did not.

      Laws have no impact on criminals. Gun control laws just make the rest of us easier and safer for criminals to victimize. This is why there is a direct correlation between gun control laws and higher crime rates.

      That guy in Newtown violated 41 EXISTING LAWS. An armed teacher might have stopped him. But another gun law wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

      A gang member says it well in the Elder movie, “We don’t need guns to kill each other. We can use knives, chains, bats, whatever. We don’t kill each other because we have guns. We kill each other cuz we’re crazy.”

      The real agenda behind gun control is Socialism, to disarm law abiding citizens, so they are easier for dictatorial political leadership to control.

      It’s also the reason our Founders wrote the 2d Amendment. They had personal experience with the big old jackboots of the British monarchy stomping on their necks.


      • Chrissy, in that particular case I think being armed with a gun would not have made a difference.

        My cousin was a young mother. She was also dying as a result of her kidney disease. My mother used to look after the little girl, my cousin whilst her mother was working. Dawn was working that day as a check-out chick, but my mum did not have Marianne. There was a phone call, and Dawn rushed from the store where she was working, and she did not take her life-saving kidney drugs with her. She then disappeared.

        My cousin turned up dead in a motel across the border into NSW from Victoria. The murderer was dead beside her.

        He had a gun, but it could just as easily have been a knife. The type of weapon was immaterial.


        • GP

          What a heartbreaking story. So sorry for your loss.
          Hasn’t crime gone up with the strict gun control laws in AU just like in Chicago?
          Why are people down under putting up with this? I think of Austrailia of being founded by hardy people who had to fend for themselves and protect themselves to survive. They have the same spirit as the American cowboy.
          What do they do when they see a snake?


          • The majority of the people who have been shot and killed here in Oz and in particular in NSW and to a lesser extent Victoria are Bikie gang members.

            A lot of those bikie gang members belong to the Religion of Peas. I think that we are happy that they kill each other.

            That being said, there was a murder about two weeks ago, where a young man was shot. He knew his attacker and both were known to the police, probably drug dealers. Anyway, the murderer was caught a few days later and it was a most remarkable event because of the way it was handled by police.

            Now, you might not be aware that a lot of murders over here are not due to a bullet, but to bashings, knives, kettles and other blunt objects, as well as sundry other means. The police inspector who was murdered had his throat slit by the perpetrator – both mother and son are still in jail and showing no remorse over that one.

            When we hear of shootings we normally start to think “gangs” and those gangs are mostly people of Middle Eastern origin… think Lebanese. These are the most violent people in our society at present. The other group is “drug dealers” and usually they are the same.

            I do not think I have ever thought of my own safety in terms of needing to have a concealed hand gun. Yet, I can quite easily state that in the case of those young girls who were raped by gangs of males of Middle Eastern and Pakistani origin, that if they had a gun the outcome might have been different – especially if the girls got one in between the mens’ legs.

            We do not have super strict gun laws. People need a licence to have a gun. I am ok with that requirement. There might be restrictions on the type of guns and I am ok with that too…..

            ….. however, if this current government remains in power for too much longer I might have a change of mind!!! They are worse than the usurper in the White House.


    • I’m so sorry about your cousin, Aussie. What a horrible thing to have happen.

      Another of our friends here in the garden had an experience similar to yours… her sister was abducted, raped, and murdered. Crimes like these are why women — who tend to be smaller and weaker, on average, than men — need to be armed.

      I recently read an article written by a woman who always takes her handgun with her when she goes bicycling alone on country roads. She was out riding one day when a car full of young men pulled up in front of her, blocking her way, and all the guys jumped out and started toward her. She whipped out her gun and pointed it at them — at which point they immediately turned tail, jumped back into the car, and drove away as fast as they could. She never fired, and no one was harmed… but a gang rape was unquestionably prevented, and probably a murder as well, since rapists don’t like to leave witnesses to their crimes alive.


  2. GP

    It is so sad to hear of all of your personal experiences losing loved ones to rapists. I am sure it is something one never gets through. But these perps would have done the same thing with another weapon if they did not have a gun. The only way those murderers could have been stopped would be if those women had guns.
    I think we all should be allowed concealed carry. That way the perps would never know whom they are messing with.