Democrat Ghoul thanks God and country for dead baby

MSNBC host Toure, “I thank God and country that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me and keep me on a path toward building a strong family I have now. And I pray that safety net stays in place,” Toure said @

So “safety net” is the new euphemism for “abortion scalpel”? Got it.

Harvested at Twitchy:

  • Shorter Toure: Thank God I didn’t have to take responsibility for my adult actions and be a man.
  • Anyone who would seriously thank God for abortion doesn’t understand the Lord or abortion.
  • I kind of doubt God would say, You’re welcome.

Last September, Toure tweeted this gem:

  • Girls, get your abortions NOW in case the Republicans win.

He’s so on board with the founder of Planned Parenthood who said,

  • The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it. – Margaret Sanger

I wonder if he knows about her OTHER progressive opinions?

Margaret Sanger at KKK rally

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