A Clinton lied? What a shocker! Not.

State Dept gutted security in Libya

Subpoena the Benghazi survivors

Hillary Clinton Erupts At Ron Johnson Over Benghazi Attack [4:01]

2013_01 23 You lied Americans died

2013_01 24 WH cover up not important

Q. What difference does it make which Clinton is talking?

A. None. They’re both liars.

2013_01 24 Tweet Hillary says she did not have intercourse


Bill Clinton–“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” [:40]



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12 responses to “A Clinton lied? What a shocker! Not.

  1. A Clinton told a lie? Let me go look for my surprised face…


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Back when she was a young up-and-comer, Hillary Rodham worked on Watergate. The chief of staff fired her for lies, unethical behavior. See full story @ http://www.caintv.com/watergate-era-judiciary-chief


  3. GP

    This is awesome. Hillary cried her crocodile tears. This video made me cry. She says it does not matter anymore????!!!!
    Damn you HRC! People died because you would not help. And now you lie about it to cover up your fat ass.
    You are disgusting.

    WRITTEN BY GREEN BERET WITH HELP FROM SEALs and sung by AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT SHEA BRAMER!!! Please listen comment! God Bless you for caring about our warriors!



  4. GP

    Two guys endure simulated labor pains. If only we could do this!!

    Probably put this in the wrong place, but though we could use a bit of levity.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Skip to about 7 minutes for the best stuff. The dialogue is … German? Dutch? No subtitles, but I had no trouble following the story line. The screaming and writhing were FUN. … Hey, I did this three times. I get to smirk. Now … if only they made it last a whole lot more than TWO HOURS (sheesh), and could also simulate the 15 pounds or so of baby, uterus, fluid, plus that really precious “pooping a watermelon” bit at the end.


      • GP

        I wasn’t sure but I think they are speaking Dutch. All I know is I laughed so hard without understanding a word they said. I would love to know what they are saying! And I would love to get one of those machines on the men in my life. Maybe they would appreciate the 25 and 32 hours of hard labor I endured, with no drugs!


  5. GP

    This is really funny: