Heaven is real

3 books about visiting Heaven

I think it’s fascinating that the authors of two of the three “died, went to Heaven, and came back to tell of it” books on the NYT Best Seller lists are in a profession where such public testimony has to have made them suspect to their peers. (I have not read either of the doctors’ books, though I loved the one by the child.)

I knew someone once who had had this experience, but rarely talked about it. He only told me after he saw my book shelves and decided I was the kind of person who would not mock.

I’ve had some visions myself; I understand how he felt. It’s so personal and so very real. I’d rather walk naked down 5th Avenue than share with someone who would sneer. Knowing how I feel, I really admire the two physicians for speaking out.

The article linked below is an interview with one of the doctor authors. It appeared in Christianity Today and is posted online apparently in full. Good read!

Mary Neal Describes Her Visit to the Gates of Heaven



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    This is weird. I did NOT go looking for either of these books, but the one above popped into my search engine, so I read the article and posted here. Just now … the other one popped into my email box!



  2. This is tangentially related… a column by Dennis Prager: The Atheist Response to Sandy Hook. Definitely worth a read.


  3. GP

    Don’t forget Danian Brinkley. I heard him once on the Dennis Prager show. He talked about how he was a cynical young man after he came back from Nam, and had a near death experience. He has since logged thousands of hours being by the bedsite of fellow vets who are dying and have no family around them.