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Matthew Modine: Celibri-Ghoul

Actor Matthew Modine joined the ranks of other self-promoting celebri-ghouls who have crawled out of the fancy pants woodwork in order to politicize a tragedy and, maybe, give themselves another precious 15 minutes in the limelight. I watched Modine’s video … but only because it’s so brief (42 seconds) I couldn’t think of a decent excuse not to.

It offers zero information, just pushes the Modine name and offers an alleged invitation to “join the conversation” about finding “responsible solutions” to gun violence. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Check out below how Modine behaves when someone actually tries to join the conversation and talk about responsible solutions.

Tweeted by Modine:

Must it always b necessary for us 2 live through cruel & deadly atrocities in order 4 enlightenment and change 2 occur?

Tweet replies to Modine:

  • derekahunter – “Must it always b necessary for us 2 live through cruel & deadly atrocities.” You made “Gross Anatomy,” we didn’t.
  • Joseph Phillips – Dear Hollywood, just because you pretend for a living doesn’t mean your opinions actually matter.
  • TomJB Joseph Phillips – The mental giants among the Hollywood elite seem to forget that their success, fame, riches, and awards come from speaking words written by other people, not their own.
  • Gloves Donahue, Jr. – Matthew Modine? Is he a celebrity?
  • Robert Hoover – Well he made some movies a very long time ago.
  • judy w. miller – Haven’t seen him in anything lately. Schmoozing for a job?


Comedian Steven Crowder and actor Adam Baldwin also got in on the fun.

  • MatthewModine – 2d amendment is archaic.
  • Orpheus75 – Hey Modine, is your First Amendments rights “archaic ” as well? You sure do enjoy the free use of that one.
  • scrowder – Archaic? Modine confuses 2nd amendment with his once viable career.
  • MatthewModine – our Constitution has been updated by way of amendments.
  • adamsbaldwin – Yes. Where’s your proposed amendment to repeal #Amendment2?
  • GunRightsAlert – Bill of Rights was prereq for ratification of Constitution. Repeal of any part of it would invalidate that contract.
  • karen adkins – Matthew, read the Constitution. At least then you’d be an INFORMED lib jackass.

Crowder remarked that when libs use word “enlightenment”, what they really mean is “I can’t really back up my stance, so I’ll act like you wouldn’t get it anyway.” They do the same thing with the word “Christian.” Apparently, Christians are not allowed to stick up for their own beliefs because, according to Leftists, it’s not “Christian” of us to do so. I think Jesus and the Apostles missed the memo on that.

Actor Sebastian Roché jumped in on Modine’s side. Baldwin makes quick work of him.

  • sebroche – I am appalled by the rude responses from so called christians when you speak about gun laws, something seriously wrong with that.
  • adamsbaldwin – Jesus might say that wielding a sword (weapon) in self-defense or defense of family & friends is among the greatest of loves.
  • MarleighNolan – Evil will never be disarmed! It is my right to protect my family against evil.
  • MatthewModine – I’m sure no god would give a blessing to weapons designed for the single purpose of killing people.
  • TheRickWilson – David. Rock. Goliath. Thanks for playing.
  • John – Samson. Jawbone. Ass.
  • DaTechGuyblog – Ah The left, always striving to make gods in their own image. There shall be no other gods but “me.”
  • scrowder – As if we needed any more irrefutable proof that liberal elitists don’t read The Bible.
  • Bob Lee – Dear Mr. Modine. Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity is forever.
  • Cameron Ford – Fans & movie-goers = customers. You shouldn’t argue politics or religion with customers.
  • scrowder – Since MatthewModine is “sure,” why argue?
  • diznee1 – MatthewModine Do u know God personally? He welcomes u with open arms. Just ask.
  • MatthewModine – which god? there are dozens of mythological characters that man has given this title. I choose a loving one.
  • peteee363 – so modine doesn’t even know who god is, that answers alot!
  • ChrstphrPaul – Mars and Ares could not be reached for comment.
  • MatthewModine – yeah. two more make believe gods that love and encourage human destruction.
  • adamsbaldwin – Two more make-believe Gods. Unlike, you know, “our Lord and Savior” Obama, who is “the light and the future.”

It must chap Modine’s precious little backside that his only successful film is one that conservatives love … not to mention that he co-starred in it with Adam Baldwin! LOL

Modine & Baldwin in Full Metal Jacket

  • adamsbaldwin – MatthewModine: Is your desire that weaker people should be disarmed against stronger, evil outlaws? How’s that for equality or fairness?
  • MatthewModine – Education and loving parents might help more -when was the last time u used ur gun to protect your family?
  • GTFOBigGovt – “Education! Parents! But lets ban guns. Oh and, god is a myth JSYK”
  • ZoriahShepard – Last time I checked, a textbook and curfew are useless against home invaders…but hey Matthew – try it out and let us know how it works for you.

Look what happened when Aussie’s had their guns taken away.

Tired of being schooled, Modine keeps on tweeting, but blocks replies.

2013_01 15 Modine's bad netiquette

  • BrianGentry21 – Just because it hasn’t happened that means it won’t?
  • walterc – I’ve never used a fire extinguisher either, but I have one and I know how to use it in case I ever need it. Idiot.
  • FCallahan – Also never used my airbag or needed my seatbelts or helmet on motorcycle.
  • Steve_J – Rather have a gun and not need it vs not having a gun and needing it.
  • Fatalerror94 – It’s like arguing against having lightning rods because lighting has never struck your house.
  • Brett McMicken – the most telling thing of all is, i have yet to hear of a conservative begrudge a celebrity, regardless of his/her politics, the right to live in a gated mansion with state-of-the-art security and armed guards.

I guess Modine’s “god of love” approves of bad netiquette. Or something. Next he resorted to spamming.

2013_01 15 Modine's worse netiquette

Here, I get to decide who has the last word. I choose Steven Crowder.

scrowder – Want to not get schooled when debating gun rights? Watch this:



Note: Some of the above was actually tweeted as links to other places Modine shot off his mouth or were posted at Twitchy in the comments section. For simplicity’s sake, I just presented them all in the same format, rearranged for max reading pleasure. IOW, it’s all fake, but accurate. Therefore, okay by Leftist standards, right?


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O’Keefe’s latest

It was A-OK for the Journal News to publish the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners. But not one of these journalists was willing to announce to criminals that their homes are gun-free zones. In fact, three of the homes had armed guards and two others calls the cops who are, you know, armed.

The gun permit map was a gift to criminals, letting them know which homes were unprotected and which ones might have firearms to steal. Lives and property were endangered, all so these hypocrites could gin up fear and outrage. But when pressed, these hypocritical liberals refused to subject themselves to the same risks.

Well done, Project Veritas!

@ProjectVeritas_ Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying “HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE” [10:35]


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Heaven is real

3 books about visiting Heaven

I think it’s fascinating that the authors of two of the three “died, went to Heaven, and came back to tell of it” books on the NYT Best Seller lists are in a profession where such public testimony has to have made them suspect to their peers. (I have not read either of the doctors’ books, though I loved the one by the child.)

I knew someone once who had had this experience, but rarely talked about it. He only told me after he saw my book shelves and decided I was the kind of person who would not mock.

I’ve had some visions myself; I understand how he felt. It’s so personal and so very real. I’d rather walk naked down 5th Avenue than share with someone who would sneer. Knowing how I feel, I really admire the two physicians for speaking out.

The article linked below is an interview with one of the doctor authors. It appeared in Christianity Today and is posted online apparently in full. Good read!

Mary Neal Describes Her Visit to the Gates of Heaven



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