Know-Nothing President wants to limit ‘magazine clips’

January 14, 2013: During President Obama’s surprise press conference today, the “Smartest Man Alive” prattled on about “magazine clips.” Tweeters had a field day @ #MagazineClips.

  • Obama might have a better chance at communicating with gun owners if he’d learn the difference between a clip and magazine.
  • The president is talking about “magazine clips” which are not a thing, and they are not two of the same thing, and he sounds uninformed.
  • Did @BarackObama just say “magazine clips”??? Dude. REALLY????

Firearms lesson clip vs magazine

  • He’s spent too much time with roach clips.
  • Protip: Don’t try to regulate something you know nothing about.
  • Congress might as well just pack up and go home then. Which, come to think of it, isn’t such a bad idea.
  • This idiot is commander in chief ??
  • my name iz berry, i be the presidunce i nos evythang yoo lissen too me cuz i be inntellijent.
  • He says so many stupid things when discussing subjects he knows nothing about you’d almost think he was a community organizer or something before becoming president.
  • Obamuh is the all-inclusive undeniable example of how clueless the left is about guns.
  • He just misspoke. We all know full well that he was talking about those ammo bullet thingies.
  • Next, a limit on pistol rifles.

Dear POTUS This is a Magazine Clip

  • After he bans magazine clips, he can ban bookmarkers. And sharp scissors. Fundamental change this guy? Right.

Extreme couponer

Magazine clips? Is he going to ban coupon clippers now? Does he have any idea how dangerous Extreme Couponers can be?

  • Why all this controversy about magazine clips? Don’t you know that corpse-men use them all the time?
  • I guess the SEALs just stood around while Obama and his magazine clips “got” bin Laden.
  • Maybe we should go ahead and let them ban “magazine clips” & we can go back to using clips to load our magazines.




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8 responses to “Know-Nothing President wants to limit ‘magazine clips’

  1. This is hilarious! Can I repost a portion of it, with link?


    • I “jumped the gun,” but let me know if you have any issues, besides the crumby pun. 😀


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Grunt, the ONLY time I would have a problem with you reposting anything here is if you added personal info, which you would not do. If I wanted something kept private, I’d send it to you in an email. I don’t even post private stuff on “private” in facebook, cuz my kids warned me the bad guys have no problem getting around it and surf it to find people like us. (I also got a list of words not to use, which is why sometimes my remarks are a tad cryptic.)


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Besides which … with the sole exception of the extreme couponer graphic that I made … all this stuff was posted by others on Twitter, then reposted on Twitchy. LOL If that don’t make it Public Domain, I dunno what would.

        And, hey lookee, I got five Facebook linkies! I think that’s a record for me.


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  3. It’s so nice to live in a country where the top elected official is such a blithering idiot.


  4. Violet

    Hahaha, yes, let’s ban ‘magazine clips’. That sounds like a good idea. Then those of us with brains can continue to use our high-capacity magazines. Problem solved!


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    There was part of that Twitter thread that referred to AT-15 and .233. I left them out because I couldn’t find the original dimwit source, though I gathered it was Andrea Mitchell? Anyone know about this?